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    eGym apps – The perfect apps for your workout

    Digital technologies play an important role in eGym’s holistic training concept. We have developed useful apps for members and trainers to make it even easier to plan and monitor your training.

    The software-based training system tracks all your training data, available in the eGym apps. This data is also accessible to you in our Fitness App, and to your trainer in our Trainer App. Two apps that are perfectly aligned.

    The eGym Fitness App – Your ultimate training hub

    Are you looking for a free fitness app that meets high professional expectations for functionality, compatibility, and flexibility? Then the eGym Fitness App is the ideal app for you. Find out what makes our app so great here.

    You need to manage a range of factors to get the most out of your training. For best results, your training needs to be planned, tracked, evaluated, and constantly optimized.

    Usually this means detailed conversations with your trainer, memorizing equipment settings, or running around the gym with your training plans on pieces of paper. You have to figure out, track, and evaluate everything yourself. This is complicated and frustrating, resulting in many gym users, as well as many professionals, failing to exploit their maximum potential in their daily training routine.

    Conventional app solutions usually require a lot of manual data entry. Aside from that, the training plans included in many fitness apps can only superficially adapt to personal requirements, goals, and progress, or just don’t work alongside the equipment you’re using at the gym.

    With the eGym Fitness App, you always have your training hub at your side. The app transforms your smartphone into your personal fitness trainer, accompanying you everywhere, coaching you to succeed, and keeping you motivated at all times. Give your training some structure while simultaneously benefiting from the limitless freedom of mobile training.

    Features and benefits of the eGym Fitness App

    The eGym Fitness App combines all the important features you expect of your fitness apps in a single application.

    The app is designed for athletes of all levels to help achieve individual training goals, such as building muscle, improving endurance, or weight loss. The wide range of features includes training planning, tracking, and extensive evaluation along with motivational tools.

    From the intuitive operation – which is easy to use, even if tech is not your thing – to the automatic integration of third-party data via eGym ONE, we have carefully considered everything users would expect from a top fitness app. We explore some of the benefits in more detail below.

    Plan and track your training in the eGym Fitness App

    Throw away your notebook: The eGym Fitness App will digitalize your training plan and data. The app makes it easier to track and monitor your training.

    Planning your training: Generate your optimal training plan

    Your training plan guides you towards your goals. The eGym Fitness App offers a wide variety of ways to plan your training and individual activities, no matter whether you’re at the gym, at home, or out for a run. You can also ask your personal trainer to generate your training plan and it will be seamlessly transferred to your app. But it’s also easy to compile your own plan based on your own goals and preferences. A range of well-designed training plan templates are available in the app for this purpose. In the app you’ll also find an extensive exercise library with more than 1,000 different exercises along with clear instructions and animations to show you how it’s done. These can be included in your training plan. You can add your own templates and exercises to ensure you get the most out of your workouts based on your personalized fitness program.

    Tracking your training: Logging all your physical activities

    The eGym Fitness App’s intuitive training plan allows comprehensive tracking of all your sport and fitness activities. You can use the app to keep a training diary, log your training and performance as well as track your training results and progress. All your training exercises can be viewed and checked off directly on your smartphone at any time. This applies both to your training sessions at the gym as well as workouts you complete outside your usual training facilities, for example at home or outdoors. On top of this, all the training you do on eGym machines and connected partner devices is automatically recorded in the app. You can also link the app to a growing number of wearables, trackers and third-party apps, such as Fitbit or Runkeeper. This will allow you to reap the full benefits of a range of fitness and activity tracking technologies while all your training data is automatically synchronized between the apps.

    Analyze your training sessions in the eGym Fitness App

    The eGym Fitness App makes it easy to see the positive effects of your training from day one, even if results aren’t yet showing in the mirror. With the help of graphs and statistics, you’ll also be able to visualize your targets and future progress. The app offers a wide range of features to allow you to analyze and improve your workouts.

    Max strength

    You can analyze your max strength in the app using repetition-based measurement to calculate your optimal training weight. This also applies to free weight exercises and bodyweight exercises. eGym training machines offer machine-specific one-rep max analysis, which show how your strength is improving, even if you may not feel it yet.

    Muscle imbalance

    The muscle imbalance analysis tool integrated in the app helps you to identify muscular imbalances, i.e. an imbalance between functionally opposing muscle groups, such as the abdominal and back muscles. This allows you to not only see your strengths and weaknesses, but also plan targeted compensatory exercises to ensure a balanced strength ratio between muscle pairs.

    Biological age

    The strength-based biological age metric shows you where you stand in terms of musculature strength in comparison to the average person of your real age. The eGym app allows you to calculate your biological age and ‘reduce’ it through targeted training exercises. The biological age is based on the results of the individual strength tests for each piece of equipment, but the ratio of strength to body weight also plays a key role.

    Body weight

    You can use the body weight analysis feature in the eGym Fitness App to document and track changes in your body weight. To do this, you can regularly enter your body weight manually or automatically transfer it to the eGym Fitness App via compatible body analyzers. For example, you can use the personal scales in the gym – just log in using the eGym chip.

    The fitness app that motivates you to train

    The eGym Fitness App has various motivational features to increase the fun you get out of training and inspire you to consistently pursue your fitness goals.

    eGym points and activity levels

    You will receive eGym points for every workout you complete and record in the app. These correspond to what’s called the metabolic equivalent. The number depends on your physical requirements as well as the type, duration, and intensity of your training session. This allows you to measure your activity and the benefits of your workout. Training analysis is calculated in the eGym Fitness App based on activity levels. There are six activity levels, and the more points you collect, the higher your level will be. This provides amazing motivation, as the activity levels always reflect your current fitness status. You are fighting against the clock – because if you don’t train, your level will fall back down at the end of the current cycle. Aside from that, the app also tells you what this level means for your health. It’s worth going for Diamond!

    Social Features

    The eGym Fitness App has exciting social features that can significantly increase your motivation to train. You can create your own personal profile, connect with friends via the app, and create your own fitness team. This social support network helps you to keep your fitness program on track and promises plenty of competitive fun: Share and compare your training results with your friends. Show off your eGym points by competing with friends or even your entire gym, and find out where you rank. All recorded workouts over the past four weeks are taken into account. Each user receives points that affect their ranking. The number of points depends on the type, difficulty, and duration of the exercise. Team training and the eGym Fitness App will mean you’ll simply achieve more!

    eGym Fitness App – key functions

    • Always have the training plan your personal trainer created for you on hand, on your smartphone

    • Add exercises or create your own training plan based on your preferences

    • Choose from more than 1,000 exercises with animated demonstrations and instructions

    • Log all your training and workouts wherever you are, at any time, both automatically and manually

    • Monitor your progress based on completed and planned workouts

    • Benefit from professional training analysis features to evaluate your training success

    • Collect points and compare yourself with friends or other members of your gym

    Download the free eGym Fitness App today

    The eGym Fitness App is available free on the App Store for Apple iOS devices and Google Play for all Android devices. Install the popular eGym Fitness App now to start enjoying these great features!

    The eGym Trainer App – the perfect app for gyms and physical therapists

    We developed the eGym Trainer App for fitness studios, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapists (UK: physiotherapists) to ensure you get the best possible support from your trainer or therapist.

    This app will ensure the guidance you receive from your trainer or PT is even more personal and effective.

    Our professional eGym Trainer App offers a wide range of functions for optimal member support. The digital training support via the app makes it easier for your trainer and/or therapist to plan and modify your training plan, meaning you receive top-quality support.

    Your trainer always has easy access to your training data

    Your trainer can get a quick overview of your status and training progress at any time via the member overview. Your training plan and health profile are available in the app, allowing the trainer to track the frequency of your workouts and progress of your training. Every workout you complete using eGym equipment or enter in your eGym Fitness App is simultaneously recorded in your profile. Automatic evaluation of training data, comprehensive analysis, and numerous fitness tests, such as endurance tests or cardio scans, make it easy for your trainer to provide personal, goal-driven, smart coaching – there and then, while you train.

    Your trainer can work more efficiently – so they can dedicate more time to you

    The eGym Trainer App is the perfect tool for managing member data: The studio software interface allows the trainer easy access to your latest data. The trainer can digitally record your physical data and fitness check results. The Trainer App contains a comprehensive questionnaire that includes all important information, such as your training goal and fitness level, as well as any health issues or orthopedic problems. This makes the otherwise time-consuming routine work much more efficient, while the perfect training management tools give the trainer much more time for personal interaction with you.

    Your trainer can create a professional, digital, and personal training plan

    Your trainer can assess your motivation to train, your current fitness level, and your training progress to create a professional and digital training plan that will really enable you to progress. The trainer has access to an extensive collection of over 1,000 different exercises that can be compiled in the eGym Fitness App.
    The app includes exercises for all muscle groups, performance areas, and training goals, such as strength and endurance. The trainer can of course take other physical activities into consideration, for example if you jog regularly or like to go swimming, and adapt the plan to the training machines available in your gym. This makes training plans on paper a thing of the past. Naturally, all your personal data are properly protected in accordance with the latest privacy standards and legislation.

    You and your trainer are always connected via the Trainer App

    The Trainer App shows your trainer when a new training plan needs to be created, when your contract expires, or when you have not completed your exercises. This means your trainer can always get in touch with you at exactly the right time and speak with you directly. If you have the eGym Fitness App installed on your smartphone, they can also interact with you through the Trainer App. This allows the trainer to assign you special tasks or comment on your exercises, which you can then see in your Fitness App. The app is also perfectly integrated with eGym exercise equipment, so that you always get the support you need when doing strength and fitness training with eGym.