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Whether you’re an ambitious gym or a specialist physical therapy clinic, a new business or a long-standing company looking to refresh or expand – eGym will provide optimal support with planning, financing, and marketing.


Your members, customers, and patients want to be fitter, stronger, slimmer, or more active. We share the same goal!

With fully electronic exercise equipment, a unique training concept, and our vendor- independent eGym ONE platform, we’ve laid the perfect foundations for a successful business that meets your customers’ needs – keeping them happy and loyal.

Digital technologies and innovative solutions together create a business model that secures sustainable and lucrative competitive advantages for you and your company. Enjoy high profitability alongside maximum productivity for your gym or clinic and all its employees.

What makes the investment in eGym so profitable for your business?

More than 2000 gyms have successfully implemented the eGym system.We offer proven concepts for achieve positive ROI in the first year with eGym.

Increased Retention

eGym offers unique functionality: Automatic weight determination ensures effective muscle stimulation from every workout. Live feedback on the display makes it easy to track critical training parameters. Automatically periodized training programs that incorporate different training methods double their effectiveness.

Higher Efficiency

eGym upgrades fitness training, making it more convenient, safer, and more professional by automating user recognition, workout tracking and analysis, and adapting to training progress. Digital technology increases the quality of training and support, ensuring optimal utilization of your facility.

Ancillary Revenues

The eGym system creates more committed clients, because it is more motivating and enjoyable than training on other exercise equipment. The app makes every training success immediately visible. A structured program with a personalized goal piques the interest of potential new clients while also ensuring existing clients train more often and are less likely to drop out.

The eGym ONE Open Cloud: Connecting all brands & devices on and beyond the training floor

Training equipment. Devices. Apps. Software.Turn isolated fitness equipment into a frictionless connected experience for members.

Our vision is complete connectivity across the entire training area. This offers enormous advantages for all participating partners.

Everything from eGym machines, cardio equipment and body analyzers to management software can be connected via eGym ONE. This creates a unique training experience for your clients. It also increases the quality of support personal trainers and physical therapists can provide while making work processes both simpler and more efficient.

eGym ONE

Data, details, science, and success

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You’ll discover what makes eGym so profitable for businesses like yours – and so effective for users.

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