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Stay Connected

    Track your performance. Anytime, anywhere – on all your favorite devices.

    eGym offers you more than just effective strength training using cutting-edge exercise equipment. As experts in connected fitness software, we have created groundbreaking technical infrastructure to support the smart integration of gym equipment, fitness tools, wearables, gadgets and apps via our eGym ONE open cloud platform.

    Interfaces with leading fitness software, app, and device manufacturers allow immediate data transfer and make it easy for your trainer to support you in the best way possible at the gym.

    Our mission is to bring connectivity to every machine and device in the training area, making everything intuitive and user-friendly so everyone can get the most out of their training to improve strength, fitness, and their overall health.

    A single software platform for all your training data and workouts

    eGym finally makes it possible for you to access and analyze all your training-related data in one central location.

    You’ll find gym equipment from multiple manufacturers in every fitness studio, each designed for different but equally critical aspects of training, such as strength, endurance, mobility, and rehabilitation. Fitness trackers and apps are also gaining in popularity.

    In our position as frontrunners in the trend towards digital gyms, we’ve developed a software platform to connect all devices and equipment. This means all your data is automatically stored in one central location – everything from training results to equipment settings. This makes it much easier for you to digitally log your training sessions and progress for optimal planning and detailed evaluation of your performance.

    All you need is your eGym RFID chip or armband to log into all connected training equipment with just one swipe – no matter whether it’s a strength training machine, cardio equipment, or a body analyzer. Yes, it’s really that easy! Seamless synchronization of all your training data means everything is directly accessible in your eGym Fitness App.

    The eGym Fitness App – Your training management hub

    Gone are the days when you would have to compile your training plans and record results on pieces of paper before laboriously evaluating your performance.

    The sophisticated eGym Fitness App allows you to view and use all the data collected by all linked equipment. The app has a wide range of helpful tools that can assist with everything from compiling a personal training plan or analyzing your training performance to boosting your motivation. See it for yourself by downloading the free app right now.

    eGym apps

    Enter the next dimension of high-quality training support

    Your trainer can take advantage of this high level of connectivity to provide optimal support and bespoke coaching to help you stay on target.

    Your data is logged and recorded in your personal profile via eGym ONE as you train – and is immediately accessible to your trainer via the eGym Trainer App. They can see how your training is going and can precisely adjust your training plan to your performance and progress.

    For example, your trainer can also examine data from body analysis systems such as the widely available cardioscan. They then use these results to identify your ideal settings for cardio equipment and save these to your profile. If you use a fitness tracker or the eGym Fitness App, your trainer can also take your activities outside the gym into consideration.

    Connectivity makes it easier to measure the real results of your training and enables your trainer to provide perfectly tailored support to boost your motivation and help you achieve your goals in less time.

    Supported by a network of strong partners

    A wide range of products from leading companies are connected to the eGym system. This makes eGym the perfect solution for you.

    As an open platform, eGym ONE can be used by all exercise equipment manufacturers and software providers. At this time, around 70 companies are already on eGym ONE and the number is constantly increasing.

    Our partner network includes many well-known brands. Whether it’s treadmills, wearables, or digital body scales – in future, everything will be connected. eGym will put you at the center of the digitalization trend to make training more enjoyable and efficient than ever before.

    Synchronize your devices for an immersive training experience

    eGym provides interfaces to connect with many popular wearable devices, activity trackers, and fitness apps.

    Accessing the data logged by your preferred activity tracker or our partner apps is as easy as pie. If you are using the eGym Fitness App, simply connect to the desired provider under ‘Settings’. As soon as you’ve provided consent to share your data, all recorded activities will be visible in the eGym Fitness App.

    Sophisticated exercise equipment for smart gyms

    Connecting to equipment from other manufacturers means you can start enjoying the benefits of a connected training area in a smart gym – for the ultimate workout experience.

    The following partners from the fitness equipment sector are now collaborating with eGym, and more are getting on board with our vision of a fully connected studio by the day:

    Cardio machines

    Stamina and endurance are always beneficial, whatever your training goal may be. Cardio equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, and exercise bikes have a multitude of settings, functions, and programs that are often not used effectively. Logging in using an eGym chip allows you to finally reap the benefits of a targeted cardio training program thanks to preset machine settings and a personal training plan. Instead of just pressing quick start and beginning your training, you can use the eGym SmartStart option on an increasing number of cardio machines. This will set up the training machine with exactly the right settings for you and continually adapt to your progress through regular cardio tests.

    Body analyzer

    Body analyzers that take detailed measurements and perform specific body tests are extremely helpful, especially in determining your fitness level, for health checkups, or to support a weight management program. Professional-quality and science-based body analysis machines for fitness studios and medical facilities or physical therapy clinics can provide valuable measurements with precise results, such as body fat, lean mass, muscle protein, and water weight. The eGym interface means the results generated by connected body analyzers can be optimally integrated into your training plans and performance analysis via the Fitness and/or Trainer App.

    Connected to studio software

    eGym also boasts strong partners in studio software. Connectivity between eGym ONE and studio software streamlines, simplifies and improves administrative processes and routine work for studio staff. Which means better quality support for you.

    The following studio software providers are working with eGym so you can get even more out of eGym ONE: