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    eGym exercise equipment – What you need to know

    The success of your fitness training depends greatly on the training machines you’re using to get fit. eGym allows you to experience the next generation of effective machine training. Experience state-of-the-art gym training today. Supported by scientific sports research.

    As one of Germany’s leading gym equipment manufacturers, specializing in digital training machines, fitness apps and software, we offer you a unique training experience that is perfectly adapted to your individual physical requirements, your fitness level, and your personal fitness goals.

    Next-level fitness: Digital, fully electronic, and connected exercise equipment

    Boring and monotonous training on conventional training machines is now a thing of the past. Say goodbye to poor posture and problems using the equipment, and say hello to noticeable results. The connected gym with fully electronic exercise equipment is already here. And digital fitness apparatus with chip access and apps are more than just marketing fluff – they’re the start of a fitness-based revolution.

    It’s a revolution that’s transforming machine-based strength training into an essential element of any gym or fitness studio setup. Sophisticated technology, a strong focus on health and results, and carefully considered scientific evidence – this is what goes into eGym’s market-leading state-of-the-art weight training equipment. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and results-driven athletes of all kinds – united by their desire to achieve more while at the same time having more fun training on equipment at the gym.

    Safe and convenient: Gym equipment with automatic adjustment of settings

    eGym fitness machines make machine training safe and convenient.  After choosing your settings just once, the machines will automatically adjust themselves to the right settings for you in seconds. You’ll no longer have to memorize what seat height you need or what weights you’re currently training on. You won’t even have to manually adjust your weights on the stack with a pin – on our machines, you just log in and you’re ready to go.  This makes training very safe, as there’s no risk of using the wrong training weights or ending up in sitting positions that could be damaging to your health. Training on eGym fitness equipment is the most intuitive workout you’ve ever experienced.

    Simple and easy-to-use: Touch-screen training machines

    All eGym strength training equipment features a large touch-screen display. This ensures all the vital information on your training session is always at your fingertips. The machine is operated directly via the display. In just a few clicks, you can select your training program or adjust your training weight. With the easy-to-follow display and eGym curve, you will be seamlessly guided through your training – ensuring you can basically do nothing wrong. The machine shows you exactly what you need to do: The live feedback on the display panel monitors all the key aspects of your training. This high level of interaction makes it easy for you to monitor your training and stay on track.

    Innovative and intelligent: Fitness equipment with intuitive software control

    The innovative training software means your training on eGym fitness equipment is supported by serious findings by sports scientists. Regular software updates ensure your training will continue to be adapted to the latest scientific findings – both now and in the future. The machines automatically select the right training weight for you by calculating your one-rep max. This ensures consistently effective muscle stimulation that reliably adapts to your training progress – allowing you to achieve optimal results. The software automatically adjusts training parameters, such as weight or the number of repetitions, to ensure you’ll achieve your targets. Automatic periodization enhances performance by applying different training methods.

    Entertaining and motivational: Exercise equipment with integrated gamification elements

    We believe modern gym training equipment should be more than just effective and good for you. That’s why we’ve designed our training machines to be fun to use. We’ve integrated gamification elements, meaning we’ve combined the training support with game-like elements such as collecting points as you progress along the eGym training curve, which rewards you for having the right range of motion and speed as you use the machines. This helps you to maintain concentration on the exercise you’re doing and add a little motivation to your entire workout. It also helps to improve your motion control.

    Professional and effective: Gym equipment based on state-of-the-art technology

    Our fully electronic fitness machines boast well-designed features that add variety to your workout while increasing the effectiveness of your training. As an example, the integrated electric motor enables dynamic adjustment of training resistance for various training activities for more effective and varied training at optimum performance, e.g. isokinetic training to dramatically increase strength. eGym training machines have adjustable joints, ensuring your workouts are both ergonomically and orthopedically correct.  Training resistance that adjusts depending on the user’s joint angle allows training in a larger range of motion and supports optimal muscle utilization.

    Automatic strength measurement for the right training weight

    Training with weights that are too heavy or too light is one of the most common mistakes when people start working on strength training at the gym. To train properly without excessively or insufficiently straining your body, you must always know what is the right weight for you based on your current strength levels. As a crucial benefit over conventional training machines, eGym strength training machines offer automatic strength testing. This eliminates the need to manually work out the best weight for you. eGym’s strength training machines calculate the exact training weight for you based on your maximum strength, your training goal, the muscle group you are working on, and your personal data.

    18 eGym strength training machines for your perfect full-body workout

    You can use our 18 strength machines to train all the important muscle groups in your body. The diversity of eGym equipment stems from the complexity of our skeletal muscles. Muscle groups can be differentiated based on their function.

    The machines are designed so that you can focus on individual muscle groups with isolation exercises, depending on your training goal. This means you can prioritize training those upper-body muscles, or perhaps you’d instead like to focus on your stomach, legs, or buttocks.  Thanks to our large selection of fully electronic exercise machines, the eGym training system is also ideal for a full-body workout to efficiently train the entire body with a balanced focus on all major muscle groups.

    The strength machines can be used on their own in standalone mode or for circuit training, which significantly improves your training results. This is because circuit training to improve fitness is one of the most efficient forms of training: circuit training allows you to build your strength and endurance at the same time and is particularly time-efficient.

    Exercise equipment with connected apps: everything at your fingertips

    All eGym exercise machines have a secure connection to the internet. All your training data is logged and can be included in your personal training plan. With the free eGym Fitness App, you’ll be able to check out your training progress any time you want.

    The eGym Fitness App includes useful features such as analysis, viewing and modifying your training plan, and helpful motivational tools. Your trainer can also access your training data via the eGym Trainer App. This allows your trainer to support you in the best way possible and develop training plans that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

    eGym Apps

    eGym: Exercise equipment that adapts to your needs

    Achieve your personal training goals faster and more efficiently with eGym fitness equipment. Our fitness equipment is suitable for everyone – whatever your age, gender or experience. Our fitness equipment will help recreational and professional athletes alike to get the most out of their training.

    Training equipment to build muscle

    Your success building muscle and increasing muscle mass will depend largely on the training methods you use to stimulate your muscles. Our strength training machines feature automatically periodized training programs, which consistently provide new growth stimuli and therefore double the effectiveness of your training. When you use adaptive training, you train close to your exhaustion limit to unlock your maximum growth potential. This allows you to substantially increase your muscle mass. Our fitness equipment allows you to train with heavy weights, meaning even professionals can use our training machines to increase their maximum strength.  eGym exercise equipment can be used to build muscle not just as a primary or even sole training strategy, but also as a supplement to free training to further increase your performance. This makes it a great option explicitly for hardcore bodybuilders, too, who until now might have stuck rigidly to dumbbells and weights. Feel the difference with eGym!

    Exercise equipment for weight loss

    Lots of people are motivated to keep visiting a gym to burn fat, work on their figure, or sculpt their physique. When you’re at your ideal weight, you simply have more energy and can enjoy feeling more fit and full of life. But equipment in a conventional gym isn’t really designed to help you lose weight. That’s because you’ll need to engage in specific training activities designed to burn a lot of calories and increase your fat metabolism. You will only enjoy lasting results if your training weight, number of repetitions, and muscle strain are specifically geared to boost weight loss or improve body shape and are continually adjusted as you make progress. And that is exactly what eGym exercise equipment can do. Get your body in top shape with eGym!

    Exercise equipment for senior athletes

    A rolling stone gathers no moss. Or, to put it another way: You’re only as old as you feel. Working on your fitness, power and general strength can offer numerous benefits – and not just for your physical performance and abilities in everyday life. It can also be good for your mental health and general wellbeing. That’s because sport is good for the soul! The most important thing for older gym-goers is to ensure that they can train safely. eGym’s range of exercise equipment features a selection of special programs to increase your fitness level at any age, improve blood supply to the muscles and boost your cardiovascular system. Automatic machine settings and a large display to guide you through the exercises ensure eGym fitness machines are easy to use, whatever your age. Perfect strength training for sporty seniors! Try it out for yourself and keep fit with eGym!

    Fitness equipment for rehabilitation

    As you might expect, our fully electronic exercise equipment can be found in well-equipped gyms and fitness centers. However, they are increasingly being used in rehabilitation centers and in physical therapy clinics (UK: physiotherapy clinics) as well. And for good reason: state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic equipment design, and anatomically optimized movement patterns make incorrect sitting positions or movements that might arise in equipment-based physical rehabilitation a thing of the past. eGym’s range of exercise equipment is specifically designed to be used as medical rehabilitation equipment and can be easily set up to support activation, strengthening, mobilization, and joint stabilization for effective therapy.  eGym will help increase your mobility and reduce your pain. Take advantage of the latest findings in rehabilitation, sports medicine, and preventative care with health-promoting exercises that are easy on your joints using eGym training machines.

    What goal do you want to achieve using eGym fitness equipment?

    Anything is possible. Do you desire strong upper arms and an impressive six-pack? Do you dream of fitting in everything you try on or sunbathing confidently on the beach with your new toned and healthy body? Are you striving to boost your overall fitness, become more athletic, or improve your muscle tone? Or are you looking to address muscular deficits and imbalances? Or even simply find a healthy and fun way to stay in shape?

    Whether you want to improve your strength, power, or stamina, or gain the muscles, figure, or overall physique you’ve always wanted – our gym equipment put every goal within reach. It’s easier than ever before to get the results you want.

    Learn more about the wide range of highly efficient training programs available on our high-end fitness and strength training machines.

    eGym Training

    Made in Germany: the ultimate in high-end gym equipment from eGym

    eGym develops, produces, and sells state-of-the-art fitness equipment for premium gyms and health facilities. Our strength training machines are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. They are recognized worldwide for their durability and flawless operation.

    Our goal is to establish a firm place for state-of-the-art digital exercise equipment on the training market. We want to create the infrastructure and software to ensure everyone gets the most out their training. Part of this mission also includes integration with third-party devices via the eGym Cloud.

    Here you can find more information about eGym:

    About eGym

    Buy or lease eGym exercise equipment

    Do you run a gym, fitness studio, rehab facility, physiotherapy practice, or other health facility? Are you interested in buying or leasing eGym fitness equipment?    

    Our equipment makes training easier, safer, and more professional for the benefit of all your clients.

    Highly effective training, best-in-class technology, and a truly motivating training experience will put you ahead of the competition. Our training concept generates high customer loyalty and makes it easier for your business to tap into new target groups.

    Our training machines are software-supported, meaning you can continue to profit from new features and long-term benefits for years after your one-time investment: regular software updates will continue to open up almost limitless possibilities almost overnight.

    Contact us now and we will be delighted to tell you more about our purchasing and leasing options.


    10 reasons to train using eGym exercise equipment

    • Your training is based on the latest findings from the world of sports science.
    • The intensity of your training will adapt to your goals and requirements.
    • The effectiveness of your training hits the max thanks to personalized training programs.
    • Your training is continually optimized through ongoing measurement and analysis.
    • You’ll be training safely as your gym equipment automatically adjusts and you’re guided by eGym curve.
    • Automatic periodization provides plenty of variety for your workouts.
    • Train even if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
    • Keep motivated with many features to keep you entertained and focused on your goal.
    • Easy synchronization with fitness equipment including wearables.
    • Handy Fitness App with useful extra features.