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Calf press machine

  • Fully electronic calf press machine
  • Effective calf training
  • Ideal for training the superficial calf muscles
  • Important for everyday life
  • Maximum training weight: 180 kg

    Specifications EU

    The calf press machine is currently not available in the US.

    • Depth

      1492 mm

    • Weight

      260 kg

    • Width

      1125 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      1276 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    The high-performance calf press for effective calf training

    The calves are one of the biggest problem areas you come across in the gym. A certain number of men have massive upper bodies, propped up by puny little legs. Women, on the other hand, often complain that their trousers or boots don’t fit because their calves are too thick.

    The calf muscle or triceps surae is actually made up of two muscles – the two-headed gastrocnemius, which gives your calves their characteristic shape, and the underlying soleus muscle. The eGym calf press machine is the perfect training machine for effective calf training. It combines the advantages of conventional machine training with the effectiveness of personalized training, which is normally only possible with the help of a personal trainer.

    Calf muscles
    Primary muscles
    Deep calf muscles, anterior thigh muscles
    Secondary muscles

    Calf press machine: Important muscle for all exercises

    The calf trainer will primarily train your calf muscles (triceps surae). The calf muscles raise the heel (known as plantar flexion) and are therefore functionally involved in walking, running, jumping, cycling, and many other forms of exercise. Training maintains the performance of your calves while also stabilizing the ankle joint. If you train until the calves are stretched, it will simultaneously improve your ankle joint mobility.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Calf press machine



    Leg press machine




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for powerful calves

    The eGym calf press is a digital strength training machine with technology to make calf training more effective and the results longer lasting. This means your workout can be tailored exactly to you.

    Even experienced bodybuilders often find it difficult to build larger lower leg muscles. People often blame genetics, but in many cases it is poorly thought-out training that leads to calves not growing. The range of free exercises that work the calves, which might include calf lifts, is otherwise limited. The load is often too one-sided. Incorrect training methods result in suboptimal activation of the muscle fibers. Our digital fitness technology ensures the required variation for your training. It will continuously optimize your workout based on scientifically proven training principles to give you visibly stronger calves.

    Potential training goals for the eGym calf press machine

    • Athletics

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Body toning

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    The success of your training is determined not just by the particular calf exercise you choose, but also how you do it. The training weight, number of repetitions, and other parameters such as time under tension all work together to determine whether your training will primarily promote muscle growth, maximize strength increase, increase muscle definition, or burn fat.

    eGym’s fully automatic calf press has various training programs that adapt your training to your goal, depending on whether you are training for muscular or slimmer calves, muscle growth, calorie burning, rapid strength, endurance or basic fitness.

    How effective is training on a calf machine?

    Whatever your training goal, a calf machine is an extremely useful strength and fitness tool, because it allows you to train the superficial calf muscles in relative isolation, ensuring these primary target muscles are trained with particular efficiency.

    Aside from being attractive, strong calves are also useful in everyday life. The calf muscles (the gastrocnemius and soleus) allow you to raise your heel, i.e. to point your foot downwards. Known as plantar flexion, this allows you to stand on your toes, and plays an important role in walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, and climbing. That’s why you should definitely include the calf press machine in your training plan.

    Many strength trainers neglect to train their lower legs. Well-trained calves can improve performance in many sports, especially sports that involve running and jumping. The power of the calf muscles and the ability to train explosive muscle contractions on the eGym calf machine through our special athletic program are particularly valuable to professional sportspeople. Regular training can also reduce the risk of knee and ankle injuries, because the calf muscles are sometimes subjected to heavy loads during running and jumping movements common in competitive sports.

    The maximum training weight you can use to train on the eGym calf press machine is 180 kg. This means that anyone who needs high weights to build lower leg muscle mass through calf training can happily train with a higher load.

    There’s a lot of speculation and theorizing about the different types of muscle fibers when it comes to calf training. While the gastrocnemius has more fast-contracting and fast-tiring fibers (strength, type II: fast-twitch), the soleus mainly contains slow, fatigue-resistant muscle fibers (endurance, type I: slow-twitch).  The eGym calf machine offers the great advantage of automatic periodization, which divides your training into different phases in order to activate as many muscle fibers as possible.

    Proper exercise technique when using the calf training machine

    The eGym calf trainer is designed in such a way that even beginners can perform the exercise without difficulty. The machine makes sure your workout is safe, effective, and comfortable.

    The adjustment options ensure consistently optimal biomechanics, as the training machine can be perfectly adapted to your body’s unique anatomy. After setting the machine just once, the machine will automatically adjust itself correctly for your body every time you work out. With eGym training equipment, the risk of incorrect sitting positions is completely eliminated.

    Our calf press includes automatic strength measurement to allow you to identify your optimal weight adjustment, which you should use regularly. It determines the right training weight for you, ensuring you can perform the exercise in a controlled manner with the appropriate load for optimal muscle stimulation.

    Sitting on the calf machine, you place your feet in parallel on the footplate. The ankles should be at the level of the machine’s rotation axis. Adjust the seat so that the knees are slightly bent when the heels are in contact with the footplate. Ensure your back remains straight as you lean back into the back rest. Hold on to the side handles to stabilize your upper body.

    The exercise machine guides your movements, making it practically impossible to perform the sequence of movements incorrectly when you start from the position described. To do the exercise, just use the ball of your foot to press against the resistance of the footplate, with the force coming from your calves. The machine’s display will provide easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the exercise.


    eGym calf training – digital controls for optimal training results

    Our fully electronic calf trainer will smoothly guide you to the training results you’ve been waiting for – be it more muscle mass in your calves, firming up your lower legs, or greater explosive power in your legs.

    The digital training controls allow you to access training methods you won’t find on normal calf training machines. Highly intensive adaptive training will ensure you achieve complete muscle exhaustion after just one training session. Isokinetic training allows you to train at maximum intensity across the entire amplitude of motion. Explonic training will train your calves under maximum acceleration.

    Try out the eGym digital calf training machine in a gym near you. Our fascinating training concept will get you enjoying a targeted and varied workout with long-lasting results.

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