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Lat pulldown machine

  • Fully electronic lat pulldown machine
  • Effective back training
  • Ideal for training the muscles of the upper back
  • Important for posture
  • Maximum training weight: 165 kg

    Specifications EU

    • Depth

      1730 mm

    • Weight

      260 kg

    • Width

      950 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      2140 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    Specifications US

    • Depth

      5’ 5”

    • Weight

      574 lbs

    • Width

      4’ 0”

    • Max. power consumption

      15 A

    • Height

      7’ 1”

    • Power supply

      115 V / 60 Hz

    The high-performance lat pulldown machine for effective back training

    The lat pulldown machine, sometimes colloquially called a lat pull machine, is one of the most popular exercise machines for the latissimus dorsi muscles, the large and broad back muscles that give this piece of popular gym equipment its name. Lat pulldowns towards the chest using an eGym training machine is every bit equal to traditional pull-ups.

    Our high-tech exercise equipment allows you to train in your own unique way to perfectly suit your physical requirements. You can use the lat pulldown machine to build your chest muscles for an attractive masculine V taper with a broad lower back. The lat pulldown machine can also support weight loss, add definition to your upper back, and reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area. The eGym lat pulldown machine takes your lat training to the next level.

    Primary muscles
    Upper back muscles, biceps
    Secondary muscles

    Lat pulldown machine: Key muscles for healthy posture

    The lat pull machine is primarily used to train your upper back muscles, i.e. the latissimus dorsi, the lower part of the trapezius, and the rhomboids. The upper back muscles lower your shoulders and are responsible for pulling the arms downwards and backwards, e.g. during pull-ups. Training with the eGym lat pulldown machine lowers the shoulders and centers the shoulder blades inwards and downwards. This helps significantly to reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area. Well-defined back muscles combined with a strong chest also help to promote healthy posture.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Lat pulldown machine



    Shoulder press machine




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for stronger back muscles

    eGym’s digital fitness technology makes the lat pulldown a highly effective training machine for strengthening the upper back muscles. It is uniquely efficient thanks to the numerous digital features that you won’t find on old-fashioned lat tower.

    In contrast to a conventional pulldown station, automatic periodization allows you to apply different muscle stimuli to achieve faster growth in the targeted muscles. First you build a solid core before using adaptive training in the next phase of your training to stimulate maximum hypertrophy and increase the thickness of your muscles. This is followed by IC training to increase your one-rep max.

    Potential training goals for the eGym lat pulldown machine

    • Strength and conditioning

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Figure training

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    Our fully automatic lat pulldown machine is designed for more than just strength training to build muscle.  You also have a range of other training programs based on other forms of periodization at your disposal. For example, if you want to improve your general fitness, the intensity of the training will slowly increase to bring you closer to your goal. On the other hand, if your primary goal is to lose weight, the focus will be on burning calories and increasing your fat metabolism.

    eGym’s lat pulldown machine will help you to reach your training goal faster through detailed personalization of your training plan, integrating effective training methods backed by sports science.

    How effective is training with a lat pulldown machine?

    The lat pulldown is an extremely useful exercise for the upper back. This is because a lat pulldown machine trains a multitude of different muscles in the upper back at the same time. The upper back muscles are involved in many strength exercises, meaning that work on these muscles will also benefit you as you perform other, more demanding exercises – such as deadlifts.

    he lat pulldown machine is a good exercise for beginners in particular, because other strength-building exercises such as pull-ups often require a certain amount of strength from the outset, which beginners don’t usually have when they start out. The weight for the lat pulldown machine can be adjusted to any amount, allowing absolutely anyone to train on it.

    The maximum training weight of our lat pulldown machine is 165 kg. This means that even professional athletes can use this machine as part of an effective workout.

    The lats are antagonistic to the delts. That’s why people who like to intensively train their shoulders using the shoulder press and similar equipment to sculpt an athletic physique should also reserve time in their training plan for the lat pulldown machine to avoid muscular imbalances.

    Proper exercise technique when using the lat pulldown machine

    Even if the lat pulldown machine is not especially difficult, mistakes can still happen as you perform the exercise. This are usually attributable to using too high a training weight. As with all gym equipment, precise execution is always more important than the weight itself.

    When doing a traditional lat pulldown, beginners often have difficulty controlling the lat bar and moving it evenly on both sides. This reduces the benefits they gain from training and increases the risk of injury in the shoulder and neck area. The eGym lat pulldown machine, by contrast, is designed to ensure an ergonomically and orthopedically correct workout.

    The most frequent mistakes on the lat pulldown machine include exaggerated leverage with the upper body and pulling down on the bar or handles in a way that lacks the proper control. This in turn means that the head and body are not kept straight, which can easily lead to muscle tension in the neck.

    To do the exercise correctly, you should slide right up against the pad and secure it on your thighs to provide the necessary support. It is important that you keep your upper body upright throughout the exercise. If you have shoulder problems, you should limit the amplitude of movement and adjust the flexion in the finishing position.

    When you use the lat pulldown machine, you can position your hands further apart to train the latissimus more intensively, or position your hands closer together to shift more of the strain to the biceps.


    eGym lat pulldown machine training – digital controls for optimal training results

    eGym’s completely electronically controlled lat pulldown machine is part of the latest generation of digital strength training equipment, designed to make strength training significantly more effective, easier, and gentler.

    The machine’s software controls all important training parameters. The lat pulldown station’s display guides you safely and easily through the exercise. Meanwhile, all your workouts are automatically transferred to the eGym Fitness App for digital training planning and performance evaluation.

    Try out the eGym lat pulldown machine at a gym near you. Personalized training on the level made possible by eGym promises the best possible training results – for men, women, newbies and old hands alike.

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