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Leg press machine

  • Fully electronic leg press
  • Effective leg training
  • Ideal for training the thigh muscles
  • Important for everyday life
  • Maximum training weight: 260 kg

    Specifications EU

    • Depth

      2320 mm

    • Weight

      360 kg

    • Width

      870 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      1512 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    Specifications US

    • Depth


    • Weight

      794 lbs

    • Width

      3’ 1”

    • Max. power consumption

      15 A

    • Height

      4’ 2”

    • Power supply

      115 V / 60 Hz

    The high-performance leg press machine for effective leg training

    The leg press is considered one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment for training the legs. In contrast to the leg extension machine, the leg press trains not just the thighs, but also a multitude of other important muscle groups.

    As an extremely popular leg training machine for developing a built lower body, the leg press is also used by professional athletes and bodybuilders as part of an effective workout. The eGym leg press is a fully automatic strength training machine that offers significant advantages over traditional leg presses. It is what’s known as a 45-degree leg press, where the foot platform is pushed upwards at an angle.

    Primary muscles
    Glutes, hamstrings
    Secondary muscles

    Leg press: Important muscle for all exercises

    The leg press machine trains all the muscles used to extend the legs. This consists of the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) that flex the foot at the ankle, the anterior thigh muscles (quadriceps femoris or quads) that extend the knee, and the muscles in the buttocks (gluteus maximus or glutes) that extend the hip. These muscles support you in performing everyday exercises and movements such as walking, jumping, running, and simply standing up. Strengthening these muscles will also stabilize the knee joint. The ischiocrural muscles, i.e. the hamstring muscles including the biceps femoris, are also worked when you train using the leg press.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Leg press machine



    Calf press machine




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for stronger thigh muscles and glutes

    Leg press machines offer an excellent workout to build muscular legs. The eGym leg press is a guided exercise, allowing you easily focus your training on the target muscles. The digital technology in eGym equipment gives you a more effective way of training for strong leg muscles than ever before.

    Building muscles is a key focus in both strength training and health- and fitness-focused training programs. Our leg press machine supports a variety of training methods, including negative training. This can be used in bodybuilding to stimulate muscles more effectively. In physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy), it allows the patient to gradually increase from low to higher intensity while they are recovering from an injury.

    Possible training goals for the eGym leg press

    • Strength and conditioning

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Figure training

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    Our digital leg press has appropriate programs to support the full range of training goals. Aside from conventional strength training to achieve maximum strength and build muscle mass, you can also follow dedicated programs to help you shed stubborn excess fat on the hips and legs.  Athletes such as footballers, handball players, cyclists, and runners benefit from special training methods to increase their explosive power or strength and endurance. Our leg press machine is also used by physical therapists (physiotherapists) and in rehabilitation centers.

    eGym exercise equipment opens up completely new training options that aren’t possible on conventional training machines, e.g. explonic power training or isokinetic training, where the user selects a movement speed rather than a weight.

    How effective is training on a leg press machine?

    The leg press is ideal for building your leg muscles. Exercises using the machine are much easier to perform than free exercises, such as squats. If you don’t do your squats just right, this decreases the effectiveness of the exercise while simultaneously increasing the risk you might injure your knees.

    The eGym leg press machine makes it easier for you to incorporate the progressive overload principle into your workouts. When you perform squats using a barbell, it becomes more and more challenging to train safely as you increase the weight, because it requires strong stabilizer muscles and enormous body control in order to avoid doing it wrong. On top of this, you’ll usually be dependent on a training partner when you perform squats with high weights. The eGym leg press machine allows you to train safely and solo, even with very high loads.

    The maximum training weight for our leg press is 260 kg. Automatic periodization and the associated variations in load makes this machine equally suitable for professional and competitive athletes.

    Training using a leg press is useful for more than just bodybuilders looking to develop strength and build mass. It’s also an essential item on any training plan for men and women who’d like to sculpt their legs and buttocks. Our fully electronic strength training machine will prescribe appropriate training methods to sculpt and build your thigh and hip extensor muscles using the leg press. Training your muscles simultaneously increases your energy consumption, which will support you in maintaining slim and defined legs.

    Proper exercise technique when using the leg press machine

    Errors in technique are usually the result of incorrect seating positions and excessively high weights. The leg press – which allows people to train with very high weights – is one of those exercise machines where bodybuilders sometimes overestimate themselves. The automatic seat adjustment and determination of the right training weight that you’ll find on the eGym leg press machine resolve these potential issues.

    To do the exercise properly, you should first lean against the backrest with your back straight. Then place your feet parallel to each other, hip width apart, against the foot plate. It is important that the knees and toes are in a straight line and that the knees are not turned outwards or inwards. This is vital to achieve that all-important stability in the knees.

    Should you have knee problems, it’s possible you’ll feel some pain in the starting position due to the bending of the knee. If this happens, you should reduce the angle of the bend in the knee by adjusting the starting position. When pushing away the footplate, take care to ensure you never fully extend the knees. You should always hold onto the side grips on the leg press machine to stabilize yourself and avoid deflecting the desired movement.

    If you have sufficient strength in your legs and do not have any orthopedic problems, you can also adjust the exercise by changing the position of your feet. This applies both to the distance between your feet and the height of your feet, which can be varied to increase strain on different muscle groups. However, this should only be done by experienced bodybuilders, as too low a foot position in particular can overload the knee joints.


    eGym leg press training – digital controls for optimal training results

    The controls on the eGym leg press machine adjust your training in line with all key training principles – digitally and automatically.

    Using eGym, your entire training is adapted to your personal needs. That is also why we digitalized training planning and introduced automatic training evaluation. This makes it easy to follow your progress and results, motivating you to put everything into your training.

    Try out the eGym digital leg press machine at a gym near you – for strong, toned and beautiful legs. eGym makes it easy to achieve even the most ambitious of training goals.

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