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Rotary torso machine

  • Fully electronic torso rotation machine
  • Effective abdominal training
  • Ideal for training the lateral abdominal muscles
  • Important for trunk stabilization
  • Maximum training weight: 100 kg

    Specifications EU

    • Depth

      1144 mm

    • Weight

      255 kg

    • Width

      815 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      1652 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    Specifications US

    • Depth

      3’ 4”

    • Weight

      563 lbs

    • Width

      2’ 9”

    • Max. power consumption

      15 A

    • Height

      5’ 3”

    • Power supply

      115 V / 60 Hz

    The high-performance torso rotation machine for effective abdominal training

    No matter whether you’re after a toned stomach or an impressive six-pack – anyone training their abs should be careful not to neglect their lateral abdominal muscles. Although it’s the front abdominal muscles that will give you a washboard stomach, the external oblique muscle is the largest abdominal muscle of all and requires targeted training for an athletic upper body.

    Torso rotation machines, also known as rotary torso machines, come in various forms that allow you to do the exercise while kneeling or sitting. The eGym torso rotation machine is a powerful professional exercise machine designed for gyms and healthcare facilities, enabling an effective abdominal twist exercise in a kneeling position.

    Side abs
    Primary muscles
    Lower back muscles
    Secondary muscles

    Torso rotation machine: Important muscles for core stabilization

    The rotary torso machine is primarily used to train the side abs (internal and external oblique muscles). The internal and external obliques’ main purpose is to rotate the torso and transfer power from the arms to the legs. You need to use your arm and abdominal muscles when you train on the torso rotation machine, because you hold yourself steady on the handles. This allows you to better train and improve this transfer of force. Doing this protects the spine in particular from injuries, such as herniated disks and problems caused by overloading.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Rotary torso left



    Rotary torso right




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for stronger abs

    With its digital fitness technology, the eGym torso rotation machine makes training comfortable and efficient. It automatically takes important training principles into account, so you’ll always be training in line with the latest findings from sports science research.

    High muscle loading and a slow speed of movement is recommended for targeted strengthening of the lateral abdominal muscles and effective muscle growth. This fully electronic strength training machine offers a special program to support muscle growth, providing intense workouts with maximum growth stimuli for the oblique abdominal muscles.

    Potential training goals for the eGym rotary torso machine

    • Strength and conditioning

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Figure training

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    The eGym rotary torso machine offers individually optimized training programs based on different training methods to perfectly adapt your training to your goals. The machine will let you know the best settings for you, covering everything from the training weight to the speed of execution and number of repetitions. The large display on the machine provides clear instructions and will keep you entertained while you perform the exercise.

    The training parameters are tailored specifically to your body and your current fitness level for a completely personalized training experience.

    How effective is training on a torso rotation machine?

    A torso rotation machine is the perfect piece of gym equipment for an effective workout of the side abs. This machine allows directed training of the target muscles. More than that, the guided exercise makes torso rotation exercises simple and safe for everyone – man, woman, newbie, professional. In contrast to equipment-free abdominal muscle exercises, it’s also possible to precisely adjust the training load by adjusting the training weight.

    However, the benefits you’ll get out of training on a torso rotation machine will depend a lot on the machine you are using. Seated twist machines can be found in various forms, although the type of construction, the machine’s features, and settings available will determine the results. When you use a high-quality strength training machine with perfect biomechanics and a full range of adjustment options, just like the eGym rotary torso machine, your abdominal training will be both more effective and better for you.

    The maximum training weight of our torso rotation machine is 100 kg. This fully automatic gym equipment can be used to support competitive athletes, as well as in fitness training and physical rehabilitation.

    It’s a great idea to train the side abs on a torso rotation machine for more than just visual or esthetic reasons. After all, any advanced fitness and strength training should always take health aspects into account. The internal and external obliques do more than simply moving and rotating the torso. Working in concert with the back muscles, they also have the important task of stabilizing the spine.

    Proper exercise technique when using the torso rotation machine

    The torso rotation machine from eGym is designed in such a way that even beginners can perform the exercises correctly. The machine controls the sequence of movements and helps to ensure correct form via its integrated display.

    The most common mistake that people make on this machine is to involve other muscle groups to assist with the motion. Although this makes it easier to use a higher training weight, it greatly reduces the training effect on the abdominal muscles and increases the risk of injury.

    To perform this exercise correctly, first take a kneeling position on the machine and hold onto the vertical bars with a firm grip. You should hold your chest firmly against the chest pad to ensure you generate the force to twist your pelvis using your obliques. You need to apply outward pressure against the knee pad with your knees to perform the exercise in a controlled manner – you can generate further stability by engaging your core. This starting position will allow you to perform the exercise correctly.

    This exercise can lead to back problems if you have significant shortening of your hip muscles. If this is the case, you should reduce the movement amplitude a little and take care to regularly stretch your hips.

    If you’ve been instructed to only use static exercises following a slipped disc, you can move the chest away from the pad and rotate the entire upper body with the hips.


    eGym torso rotation training – digital controls for optimal training results

    The eGym rotary torso machine features full digital controls, which automatically adjusts the machine’s settings to suit you and your fitness goal.

    The eGym software on the torso rotation machine is designed to provide a personalized training experience with automatic determination of the optimal training weight via a strength test, optimized specification and periodization of training units, as well as comprehensive training planning, tracking, and analysis via the eGym apps.

    Try out the eGym digital hip abductor machine at a gym near you – be part of the fitness revolution that makes the most out of every workout!

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