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eGym At The Heart Of New Health Lounge Concept

eActiv has opened its first Health Lounge in Egham, Surrey.

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Occupying just 2,100 sq ft, eActiv places an eGym circuit at the heart of its offer and is designed to attract and retain the vast majority of the population which does not engage with traditional gyms and health clubs.

Built around a ‘move, eat and relax’, ethos,

eActiv is focused on delivering a results-driven service which fully supports users in their bid to live a healthy, active lifestyle.
“We are very keen not to categorise eActiv as a gym, studio or health club, hence the reference to a health lounge.” Says owner Steve Watts. “Whilst most of the industry, especially the boutique market, is still chasing the 20 per cent of the population that enjoys exercise, we cater for the rest of the population that is largely inactive.

“The benefits of strength training across many demographic groups has been well documented yet the vast majority of the population does not participate in regular weight bearing activities, because it is not that accessible without training knowledge. We want to change this. eGym has provided the perfect solution.”

The activity space in the health lounge is equipped with an 8 station eGym circuit, supported by two Pulse bikes.

Steve, adds: “Users can spend just 30 minutes in the lounge and complete a full body, results-driven workout. Lack of time remains a major barrier to entry for many people, but few could argue that everybody can find 30 minutes, two or three times a week, to be active.

“The beauty of the eGym intelligent software system is that it delivers a fully automated and progressive workout, based on scientific principles, on every visit.

This making it the perfect solution for first time users and those who want to experience results quickly.”
Once a user has created an account and completed a series of benchmarking strength tests, setup and resistance is fully automated, and speed of execution is controlled by a visual guide, the eGym curve, on the digital display. Training resistance is automatically selected based on the results of the strength tests, so regulary undertaking these tests provide constant performance progressions and motivational statements. This equates health benefits to effort, keeps users engaged and advances them towards goal achievement.

Steve, adds: “Floor-based instructors are an integral part of our offer and eGym fully supports and promotes the trainer-to-member relationship. It’s seamless software integration and apps, enable a fully connected workout experience where prescription, execution and performance data is all stored in a single cloud-based account, elements of which can be accessed by the trainer and the user from a mobile device. This enables the instructor to maintain a ‘personal handle’ on each members’ progress, offering evidence-based advice and instruction.”

The eGym circuit is supported by two Pulse bikes to maximise the impact of each workout. Users train at an elevated heart rate ensuring an effective cardiovascular workout which complements the resistance training and promotes an optimal training effect.

In addition to the main lounge area, eActiv also offers a space for one to one and small group training, plus a dedicated, fully sound proofed room housing a salt water, flotation pod. Steve explains: “The importance of relaxation is often under-estimated. In today’s society we struggle to shut out the stresses of daily life. One hour in our flotation pod can have a profoundly positive effect on mental state and is proving to be incredibly popular.”

Members are also offered access to healthy eating seminars and nutritional consultations based on calorie and portion control. This, combined with the ‘move’ and ‘relax’ elements of eActiv, offers a complete support service for those who wish to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

When it opened on 1 September 2018 eActiv had already secured 100 members. One month after opening, membership has increased to 160

Memberships are offered either on a monthly direct debit or as part of a ‘twelve-week body transformation’ package. Access to the flotation pod and personal training services can be secured on a pay as you go or block booking basis.
“We have hit on a model which has huge growth potential” says Steve. “Our focus is now on securing further premises across the UK. We are also keen to explore export opportunities. Location is key. The fact that the model requires such a small footprint means that we are able to occupy many high footfall venues other fitness operators could not entertain.

“In addition, we have been fortunate to work with an excellent asset finance partner. Their specialism in the health and fitness sector has enabled us to spread our capital costs of the equipment, floatation pod and fit out. They enable us to make payments from income generation rather than having to commit to an upfront investment.”

“Following the success in Egham, we have ambitions to add a fourth element to the model – ‘rehab’ – to deliver the latest Cryotherapy treatment. This will help us deliver referral programmes in partnership with GPs and other allied health professionals. Getting the nation more active and healthier will only happen if we can strengthen the link between the physical activity and health sectors. We aim to play a part in this.”

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