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Inspire fitness thrives as switches from ladies only to ‘gym for all

eGym integrates technology to simplify and enhance the user experience

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  • Inspire fitness thrives as switches from ladies only to ‘gym for all

In September 2018, Ruth Green, owner of Inspire Fitness in Chippenham made a decision to open up her ladies only fitness studio to the whole community, welcoming everyone regardless of age, gender or ability. As a result, the studio is thriving with a 14 per cent rise in membership just three weeks after the switch.

Central to the change and instrumental in the studio’s new-found success is the installation of an 8-piece eGym strength circuit which replaces very basic, outdated strength equipment.

Ruth says: “The majority of our clients are over 50 years old and aren’t typical gym-goers. Our focus is on keeping them strong, stable and resilient as they age.

“A high percentage of our members arrive with a history of inactivity and poor nutrition habits. Many are also dealing with chronic disease and long-term health conditions such as diabetes. We needed equipment that could administer safe, bespoke and progressive workouts whilst also challenging limits and providing the motivation needed to keep individuals committed long term. eGym ticks all of these boxes.”
In the 11 days post install, Ruth and her team completed 174 eGym inductions to existing members. Ruth adds:

“Some of our older members were nervous of the new technology but once they had completed their induction they were totally hooked.

“eGym integrates technology to simplify and enhance the user experience. The automated set up and workout progression means every individual, from the complete novice to the experienced gym user, can achieve a fulfilling and effective workout on every visit. The regular strength tests give ongoing performance feedback and the bio-age feature, which compares the individual’s biological age to their chronological age, has really helped members to understand the positive effects of regular activity.”

Instructors at Inspire Fitness have also fully embraced the Trainer App. Individual member training data is stored on the secure, eGym cloud, which trainers can access to review workout progress. This enables trainers to provide real time, evidence-based training advice, keeping members on track and moving towards their bespoke training goals.

Ruth adds: “Our instructors have also found the data which flags muscular imbalances incredibly useful. Conducting corrective assessments is now quick and easy, freeing instructors to focus on other aspects of member engagement.”
Inspire Fitness is now focused on promoting its services to community health care providers such as GPs, physiotherapists, chiropractors and local branches of national charities such as Diabetes UK.

Our facility is only small, occupying just 1,100 square feet, but the positive impact we can have on the whole community is huge.

Working in partnership with local allied health professionals will sign post those most in need to our services. In addition, the data capture functionality of the eGym intelligent software means we are able to collate and share individual workout history and performance information with our health care partners. This helps to administer more effective evidence-based patient care and treatment plans. So, the integration of eGym means we are now able to offer all walks of life a path to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling future.

Inspire Fitness was officially launched on October 6 by Paralympic gold medalist, Stephanie Millward MB. Stephanie is now a member of Inspire and is integrating the eGym circuit into her training towards the Tokyo Games in 2020.

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