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Inverclyde leisure turns storage space into thriving ‘club in club’

Inverclyde Leisure has transformed a storage space at the Waterfront Leisure Complex in Greenock into an income generating ladies-only fitness facility which typically attracts on average over 660 visits per month.

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The forward-thinking Leisure Trust, based on the west coast of Scotland, undertook this project as part of a wider fitness diversification strategy to engage a broader segment of the community in an active lifestyle.

Kieron Vango, CEO at the Trust, explains:

“We wanted to attract more of the local female population and, even more specifically, sub groups within that category, including; new mums, seniors, the deconditioned and the inactive. We took the decision to create a ‘club within a club’ which we branded ‘Express Ladies Fitness’. The space now offers ladies a completely non-intimidating, safe workout zone where they can follow a highly bespoke training programme whilst working out with other like-minded users.”

The new facility, located on a mezzanine floor above the main fitness area, hosts a 9 station eGym circuit, enabling users to complete an effective, full body workout in just 30 minutes. The area has its own dedicated entrance meaning the centre can market the facility as a standalone offering, creating a bespoke experience and new membership opportunity.

“The facility runs a timetable of instructor-led and open sessions,” says Kieron. “The intelligent software that drives the eGym circuit means, following an initial induction with an instructor, all setup and progressive programming is fully automated. Users are able to visit the facility and complete a highly effective, safe, workout, without the need for an instructor. With the additional capabilities of the eGym Trainer application, we are able to minimise staffing costs without compromising on the user experience, customer service or progress towards goal achievement.”

Express Ladies Fitness now has 150 members committed to a monthly subscription

Engagement levels are also impressive. On average, members visit 5.7 times per month, compared to an average of just 5 visits a month by users of the main gym area. Average attrition is also low at just 3.5 per cent per month and membership is growing month-on-month.

Kieron adds: “The eGym circuit has been the perfect choice for our ladies-only offering. The equipment is intuitive, meaning inexperienced gym users can enjoy a progressive, fully automated and results-driven workout, every visit. The advanced training programmes, as part of the eGym Premium service, recently introduced, ensures members can progress towards specific training goals. The system adapts proven training parameters, such as optimal training resistance, number of repetitions, speed and method, are applied by automated periodisation – delivering results quickly, maintaining motivation and a long-term commitment to an active lifestyle.”

Speaking about the success of the install, Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director, eGym UK, says: “The engagement statistics being achieved at the Waterfront Leisure Complex are reflective of those we record across many eGym sites worldwide.

“As the physical activity sector moves closer to the health sector, supporting a more preventative approach to health care, targeting specific segments of the community is becoming more and more important. The successful implementation of the eGym solution at Waterfront Leisure shows how important the right offer is for these new target groups. The eGym solution provides this offer with its intelligent system. Like having a personal trainer present on every visit, constantly adjusting training variables to ensure a progressive journey towards goal achievement. This not only leads to a more individual and close care service, but also empowers the operator to deliver bespoke programmes to special populations on a large scale.”

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