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Strength training for the digital age

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eGym brings the workout revolution to everyone with the next generation of digital fitness technology: the state-of-the-art training concept for the future

eGym provides 18 fully electronic exercise machines for all major muscle groups. Each machine has been carefully developed based on the latest scientific findings. These digital training machines integrate all key training principles to ensure your training is a success: ergonomics, effective muscle stimulation, periodization, variable training load, and personalization.

In addition to its professional gym equipment for fitness studios, physical therapy practices, rehabilitation clinics, and health facilities, eGym also offers eGym ONE – the leading open software solution for seamlessly connecting training areas and fitness equipment. Together with our constantly expanding partner network, we are working to create a truly smart training area.

eGym fitness equipment – German high-tech for every gym

Elegant design. High-quality workmanship. Innovative technology. Outstanding features and functions. eGym hardware offers everything you’d expect of professional fitness equipment and more.

Ergonomic design
for optimal execution of exercises and healthy training supported by sports science.
Automatic settings
for user-friendly and safe training that works for all target groups.
Pioneering software
for tracking and controlling all training-related parameters.
Large touchscreen display
for motivating and guided exercises using eGym curve.
Fully connected devices
for efficient use and synchronization of data and training plans.
eGym equipment

eGym smart machines make it easy for anyone to strength train effectively

More strength. Better endurance. More energy. Better mobility. We have the ideal training program to support every goal – ready to use and completely automatic. Join us and achieve your goal!

Personalized fitness training

You have to train differently to build muscle, lose weight or recover after an injury. Your training plan and individual workouts are precisely tailored and personalized to support your training goal and your personal physical requirements.

Innovative training methods

Have you heard of adaptive, or isokinetic training? When you train using eGym, you always train based on proven and effective training methods and principles along with the latest findings from the world of sports science.

Rep-by-rep guidance

Your training plan is divided into different phases for more effective training. Automatic periodization and strength measurement provide an effective and varied workout and regularly ensure fresh muscle stimulation for visibly better training results.

The eGym apps – Engage your members and enable your personal training staff

You can use the eGym Fitness App to plan, track, and evaluate all sports and physical activities. The eGym Trainer App enables top-quality support.

Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, train in the gym or at home without any equipment – the Fitness App is your perfect digital coach.

Create your personal training plan from more than 1,000 exercises with animated instructions for the exercise, log your training, track your progress. And let your trainer or physical therapist provide more personal guidance than has ever before been possible: The eGym Trainer App means they can get an overview of what you’ve been doing at any time and fine tune your training as needed.

eGym apps

Synchronize your training equipment – stay connected

eGym’s interfaces with popular trackers, fitness bands, apps, and cardio machines allow you to synchronize your favorite devices to the eGym Fitness App.

Easily access all your training data via the eGym Fitness App.

As pioneers in connecting digital fitness equipment, we have formed partnerships with well-known third-party manufacturers of wearable devices, trackers, and more. The data generated by all synchronized devices is automatically transferred to the app without any need for manual entry. You can track your entire workout, use the data centrally from within the eGym Fitness App, and take it into account when compiling your training plan.


eGym business solutions: Tailored training concepts for every target group

Fully automatic fitness equipment, top-quality service, and ground-breaking connectivity that raises the bar for the entire fitness and health industry make eGym your ideal business partner.

Gyms and fitness studios

Future-proof solutions are vital if you want to secure your company’s long-term success in the fitness industry.

Physical therapists

Liberate yourself from dependence on medical referrals for treatment and add a new source of revenue with eGym.

Healthcare facilities

Top equipment promotes successful treatment and boosts economic efficiency for medical facilities.