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    Strength training with eGym – What you need to know

    Fitness training on eGym exercise machines guarantees an entirely different training experience. We have developed an ultra-modern training concept for this purpose. Find out how eGym’s advanced technology and applied sports science expertise will help you achieve training perfection.

    Make the gym work for everyone – this is the goal behind eGym’s training programs, which make training more effective, safer, more motivating, more varied, and healthier for you.

    Training on eGym exercise machines is really this easy

    Log in and the machine adjusts to your personal settings

    As soon as you log in to the training machine it will automatically adjust to your precise settings – having to set the weight and seat heights are now a thing of the past. Just hold your eGym RFID chip up to the machine and start your workout.

    Select your training goal

    Select your personal training goal and your workouts will be adapted to your specific physical requirements. This enables you to automatically train using methods that sport science has proven to be most effective.

    Your ideal training weight is calculated

    Regular strength tests automatically ensure that you’re always training with the right weight for your training goal and current performance. This ensures your muscles are efficiently stimulated across every stage of your strength training.

    Your training plan is provided to you

    Your personal training plan is provided on the machine itself, tailored to your goal. You’ll go through four perfectly coordinated training phases. Each of these combine different training methods, depending on your goal. The methods applied are automatically changed after every sixth workout (automatic periodization). A fixed training duration and number of repetitions ensure optimal training results.

    Your training with eGym curve

    eGym curve makes your workout easy and safe while providing plenty of motivation. eGym curve will specify the correct range of motion and speed for the exercise, depending on your training goal. Gamification elements provide additional fun and motivate you to perform every repetition as directed.

    Your training plan is analyzed

    Various analysis tools allow you to monitor and track your training progress from day 1. Both you and your trainer can view completed exercises and performance analysis on your smartphones at any time and your training plan is always on hand.

    Personalized fitness and strength training: Made-to-measure for your success

    Fitness and strength training with eGym is as unique as you are. Your training plan will be specifically tailored to your physical requirements, goals, and progress. All important training parameters are automatically and precisely tailored to your needs.

    The device display provides live feedback as you train and controls the parameters required for individualized strength training: range of motion (ROM), time under tension (TUT), repetitions (reps), sets, break time, cadence, training weight, muscle failure, and muscle fatigue.

    This results in significantly better training with eGym compared to conventional training. The best way to get a feel for what this means is to experience it first hand.

    The ideal training weight

    is not always the same. While muscle mass is built by training with a high weight, a low weight is sufficient when aiming to shed a few pounds.

    The number of reps

    influences the outcome of your training. Lots of repetitions on a lower weight will add to muscle definition, while fewer repetitions with greater weight will increase muscle size.

    The training duration

    will vary. For example, figure training involves a variety of longer, less intensive training units alongside shorter, more intensive units – this will sculpt your figure.

    The exercise curve

    prescribes the speed at which you perform the exercise. A fast, explosive exercise boosts power, which is well suited to developing strength and general conditioning.

    You have your training goal, eGym has the right training program

    Your fitness training will be continually adapted so you meet your training goal, starting with your first workout. Simply select your personal training goal and your personal training program displays directly on the eGym device.

    Muscle building

    The muscle building training program puts the focus on intensive muscle exertion with exercises performed slowly for maximum muscle growth. Slow execution and high muscle load provide optimal growth stimulus. This activates all muscle fibres, increasing the thickness of muscles. This training program includes highly intensive training units and is ideal if your goal is to increase strength, improve muscle thickness, and build muscle mass.

    1. Negative (12 reps.)
    2. Adaptive (10 reps.)
    3. Isokinetic (2x8 reps.)
    4. Adaptiv (10 reps.)

    Weight loss

    The weight loss training program is designed to burn maximum calories and for long-term improvement of fat metabolism. This training includes intensive strength endurance training to maintain a consistently high heart rate for long periods. Additional intensive units to build muscle provide a means to actively increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR). A simultaneous increase in strength and endurance is the ideal method for losing weight and getting slim through sport. Exercising to stay in the cardio zone will allow you to burn the maximum number of calories.

    1. Regular (30 reps.)
    2. Isokinetic (22 reps.)
    3. Adaptive (15 reps.)
    4. Isokinetic (22 reps.)

    Body Toning

    The Body Toning program combines strength endurance and hypertrophy training for optimal body definition. The training program is designed to tone and firm your figure, burn fat deposits, and define muscles – and get your body into the shape you desire. Training is designed to both improve strength endurance and stimulate muscle growth, depending on the phase of training. The aim of Body Toning is to permanently reduce body fat and strengthen muscles without significantly increasing muscle size.

    1. Negative (30 reps.)
    2. Isokinetic (20 reps.)
    3. Adaptive (12 reps.)
    4. Isokinetic (20 reps.)

    General Fitness

    The General Fitness training program is perfect for you if you want to maintain and boost your physical abilities and athletic performance. This whole-body training program is designed for people who don’t get much exercise, spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, or want to keep fit as they get older. It deploys a variety of training stimuli to maintain strength and everyday fitness. As a holistic program, the aim of the General Fitness program is to achieve balanced strength across all muscle groups, supple tendons and joints, and an improved cardiovascular system.

    1. Regular (22 reps.)
    2. Adaptive (18 reps.)
    3. Negative (14 reps.)
    4. Explonic (2x6 reps.)


    The Athletic training programme focuses on improving strength, conditioning, and general performance with a focus on power, explosiveness, and endurance. True to the motto ‘faster, higher, further’, this program is designed to optimize your athletic performance. The Athletic program calls for maximum exertion during the workout and increases strength in the shortest possible time through high exercise speeds under maximum load. It also improves strength at any joint angle as well as muscle fatigue resistance.

    1. Negative (12 reps.)
    2. Explonic (2x6 reps.)
    3. Isokinetic (3x5 reps.)
    4. Explonic (2x6 reps.)

    Rehab Fit

    The Rehab Fit training program is for people who require a gentle workout as part of a preventative healthcare program, rehabilitation to address existing problems, or recovery after an injury. Rehabilitation training is gentle on the joints, minimizing the risk of injury due to excessive strain. The intensity is carefully increased over time, taking into account any day-to-day variation in ability. This training helps to promote blood circulation, correct poor posture, activate injured muscles, restore muscular strength, and improve movement patterns and mobility.

    1. Isokinetic (15 reps.)
    2. Isokinetic (15 reps.)
    3. Negative (20 reps.)
    4. Regular (20 reps.)

    Metabolic Fit

    Metabolic Fit is a training program to regulate blood glucose levels, designed specifically for people with type 2 diabetes. It consists of 18 units of gently increasing strength and endurance training followed by six muscle building units to promote long-lasting results. Extended workouts, high numbers of repetitions, and stimulation of all major muscle groups promote improvement in general health and, according to a clinical review, can significantly reduce HbA1c.

    1. Negative (20 reps.)
    2. Regular (22 reps.)
    3. Negative (25 reps.)
    4. Regular (2x10 reps.)

    Different training methods for goal-focused training

    Different training goals require different training methods. A marathon runner will train differently to a weightlifter. This is important, and we take it into account with a range of integrated training methods.

    Our fully electronic gym equipment provides you with access to all training methods that have been proven effective by sports scientists.

    Here are some details on all the training methods you’ll find in eGym’s strength training programs:

    Regular training

    The regular training method works in a similar way to conventional strength training. The same weight is lifted and lowered. This is particularly good for beginners and ensures that the body slowly gets used to the muscular strain.

    How it works:
    Resistance remains consistent, just like in conventional strength training

    Low chance of sore muscles

    Target group:

    Negative training

    In negative training, the weight will switch between light and heavy at the end point. You lift a lighter weight and lower a heavier one. Using a heavier weight when lowering ensures the muscle becomes stronger and more resistant to injury than it does through regular training.

    How it works:
    The resistance applied in the eccentric phase is higher than in the concentric phase

    Prevents muscle injuries, less increase in blood pressure and heart rate compared to regular training

    Target group:
    Athletes, advanced bodybuilders, people with high blood pressure

    Adaptive training

    In adaptive training, the muscles are consistently trained at their maximum capacity. A ‘virtual training partner’ automatically adjusts the weight to your remaining muscle strength. This allows muscles to be built and firmed more quickly than in regular training.

    How it works:
    The resistance is reduced during training, depending on remaining strength

    Stimulates muscle growth through increased fatigue

    Target group:
    Bodybuilders, people with a slim build (ectomorphic body type)

    Isokinetic training

    Isokinetic training is comparable to swimming. The faster you execute the movement, the greater the resistance. This allows you to adapt the intensity of the exercise at any time.

    How it works:
    The resistance depends on the pressure applied by the user

    Training at the natural limit of strength at any joint angle

    Target group:
    Professional athletes, people with orthopedic problems, people with diabetes

    Explonic Training

    Explonic training improves speed and is therefore ideal for athletes and older people who want to regain functionality for everyday life. This is because this innovative method uses light weights under maximum acceleration.

    How it works:
    A consistent weight is applied with maximum acceleration

    Increases power and explosive strength in everyday activities and sport

    Target group:
    Athletes, seniors, people looking to improve their overall health

    Automatically periodized strength training to increase benefits of training

    If the load applied in training remains the same for a long period of time, your body gets used to it. The result is the training has less effect. To prevent this, you need to regularly increase muscle stimulation.

    eGym’s automatic periodization adapts the training to you and regularly adjusts the training parameters to help you train better. This ensures you don’t end up hitting a plateau in your training. Different methods are automatically combined and applied in succession, depending on the selected training program.

    The eGym training programs provide optimal periodization to ensure you hit your goal. The training method is changed every six workouts and a new stimulus is applied. eGym uses a form of wave-shaped periodization with 4 phases, allowing you to reach your maximum potential. Different focal areas can be selected, such as:

    • Power

    • Maximum strength

    • Explosive strength

    • Activation

    • Mobilization

    • Endurance

    • Metabolism

    • Fat burning

    • Definition

    The logically structured training phases based on proven scientific approaches have different training effects. The targeted combination of these phases produces a cumulative result. That is what makes eGym strength training so stimulating – in every sense.

    More effective strength training with performance analysis tools

    No matter whether you’re a beginner or competitive athlete – everyone can train successfully with eGym. The unique features of our gym equipment naturally play a crucial role. But more than that, eGym’s regular strength measurements and helpful training analyses allow you to respond effectively to your progress and any deficits.

    Analysis and performance evaluation in a regular gym or fitness studio is often far too brief to be beneficial. To get the most out of your strength training, it is vital that you keep adapting the training again and again to your current performance level. This is part of your normal training when you use eGym. All your training sessions are logged using our Fitness App. You will also find handy tools and metrics to evaluate your performance in the app, such as maximum strength, muscle imbalances, or body weight.

    eGym apps

    eGym circuit training – the efficient way to train

    Are you looking for a way to train that’s amazingly effective, structured, and efficient? eGym circuit training is just the right solution for your next whole-body workout.

    Circuit training in the gym is extremely effective. No muscles are forgotten or overstrained when you build them in this way.

    Circuit training simultaneously improves strength and endurance.

    The circular arrangement of the equipment provides a clear sequence of exercises, automatically accelerating your workout. Circuit training also takes less time, as the entire circuit is precisely timed. This completely eliminates the time you might otherwise spend waiting for a specific exercise machine to become available. You also only need a relatively short amount of time to complete the whole circuit.

    Muscle groups are trained alternately, so there is no need for long breaks to give your muscles a rest during our circuit training. The short breaks between the stations also provide optimum training for the cardiovascular system.

    Another advantage: Aside from increasing strength, effective circuit training also leads to a greater reduction in body fat compared to conventional strength training.

    More benefits of doing circuits on our high-end exercise machines can be found on our equipment page:

    eGym equipment