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4 ways AI can benefit your gym

EGYM Genius has landed, but in practical terms, how can AI really benefit your business? Read on to find out.

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If one thing is certain in the fitness industry, it’s that AI (artificial intelligence) has arrived and that it’s here to stay. AI is revolutionizing the way gyms operate, engage with and motivate their members. From enhancing customer experiences to streamlining operations, AI technology offers a multitude of benefits that can propel gyms towards even greater success. Here are four of the key benefits that AI can have for your gym: 

1. AI can boost retention, revenue and signups

One of the most significant challenges gyms face is in retaining existing members and attracting new ones. AI-powered, hyper-personalized, adaptable training plan software (such as EGYM Genius) offers a solution by providing tailored workout plans that cater to individual preferences, fitness levels, and goals. Training plans that deliver real results not only enhance member satisfaction and keep members engaged, but can also increase member retention and drive revenue growth. Naturally, word of mouth also plays a considerable role. Members who see the results they desire are more likely to recommend a gym to others, therefore boosting member acquisition and signups and boosting a business’ growth. 

2. AI can optimize staff efficiency 

With less time spent manually creating or adjusting training plans, gyms can become much more efficient. By allowing trainers to generate workout plans for members in just a few clicks, EGYM Genius cuts onboarding times in half, freeing up more time to focus on more complex tasks and providing personalized assistance and a higher level of service to members when needed. This also helps with optimizing labor costs, allowing for scalable member support and increased operational efficiency, essential for supercharging your gym’s growth.

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3. AI enables real-time workout tracking 

One of the most exciting applications of AI in fitness is real-time workout tracking. With AI tools like EGYM Genius, members and trainers alike can track progress and performance more accurately than ever before. Wearables and smartphones collect data on metrics such as heart rate, calories burned and exercise intensity. This data is then instantly relayed to Genius, which can then adapt and adjust personalized workout plans, allowing members to track their progress, set targets, and receive personalized feedback and recommendations for improvement. This extra level of motivation ensures that members keep coming back time and time again to push their limits and reach their goals. 

4. AI improves customer experience 

In today's experience-driven economy, providing exceptional customer experiences is essential for building loyalty and differentiation. AI technologies can enable gyms to offer personalized recommendations, guidance, and support to members of all fitness levels and needs, both more comprehensively, and at scale. With access to an ever-expanding AI knowledge base, trainers using EGYM Genius can generate high-quality training plans for members that align more perfectly with their goals, fitness level and limitations than if they were to create training plans manually. In just a few clicks and with no time wasted on lengthy onboarding and assessment processes, members can have access to a hyper-personalized training plan, tailored to their individual goals, fitness preferences and to the equipment available in their gym.

In short 

By leveraging AI to deliver personalized, responsive, and satisfying experiences, gyms can create a competitive edge and foster long-term relationships with their members. Fully-connected, hyper-personalized training plans, as created by EGYM Genius, can enable gyms to boost revenue and retention, increase operational efficiency and improve the overall customer experience they offer. By embracing AI, gyms can stay ahead of the curve and elevate the growth of both their members and their business.

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