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Clever Fit Dieburg Wins New Members at Higher Membership Rates Thanks to EGYM

The Roskot family runs a clever fit gym in Dieburg, Germany, where the Digital Fitness Floor was successfully introduced in March 2022. Among other products, Smart Strength was installed in the new Open Mode. After only six months, the gym was refinanced and customer satisfaction increased significantly.

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Of 'Black Label' membership quota with EGYM vs. 20% ‘All-in’ quota previously




Of all active members workout with Smart Strength




Refinancing achieved within 6 months

Modern Ecosystem With Rapid Success

The Roskot family runs two clever fit gyms in Hessen, a western part of Germany. After the end of the covid lock-down, they decided to modernize their gym in Dieburg and add the Digital Fitness Floor. Among other products, Smart Strength was installed in the new Open Mode.

"Since March 2022, we have a very modern floor with EGYM and Matrix and Tanita. For me, EGYM is all about the ecosystem. EGYM is not an equipment manufacturer, it's a software manufacturer, and just a few years ago we didn't have any software in the studio. Now with EGYM we are mega modern, we have the software and we have thrown our classic paper to-do list in the trash. 

And because of the ecosystem, the interface to other devices like Matrix Cardio, etc., and the apps, the customer is supported from so many sides, where previously this wasn’t possible in the premium discount sector," reports fitness economist Philipp Roskot.

At the same time, the studio renewed their rate structure for members and raised prices: "We have switched to the new Red Label / Black Label concept instead of Basic rate and All inclusive". In the Black Label concept, exercisers can use EGYM, take advantage of the wellness offerings with solarium and massages, and also train unlimited in both studios of the Roskot family. ", there are also customers from the second studio who now use EGYM in Dieburg and are already very eager to get EGYM in their gym. This means that we have created a kind of bridge. Because the people who try EGYM are totally excited."

And so Philipp Roskot sums it up, "We have reached our break-even point after only 6 months, which means our additional income exceeds the leasing rates. We will also invest in EGYM in our second studio, because we realize that the concept works."

More New Contracts and Easier Sale of the Higher Membership Level.

In addition to the economic successes, customer satisfaction is also particularly close to Philipp's mind during the modernization with the Digital Fitness Floor: "It's important to experience the positive emotional atmosphere in the gym. In the fitness and health  area, the successes are measurable for the members. This makes it easier for customers to see their successes for themselves - whether in the Member App, on the Fitness Hub or via the instructor in the Trainer App. And the branded member app for members is brilliant. The customer also has many advantages as a Red Label member. He can now write a training plan himself, he is thrilled with all the offers, BioAge, etc.  

And I am happy that the numbers are going up: Upgrades and new contracts are up and the cancellation rate is down. We saw more than 300 new contracts and upgrades to Black Label in just six months.

Today with EGYM, instructors and staff are definitely finding it much easier to sell a Black Label and book members into the higher rate. There are now significantly more members becoming Black Label members compared to before. The ratio of Black Label to Red Label is now going in the direction of 50/50 because the benefit to the customer is much, much greater through EGYM."

Philipp is also very pleased with the usage rates: "Already 37% of active members are training on EGYM, even though it was only introduced six months ago."

Increased Quality for Members

The higher satisfaction of the members - and also instructors - starts with the onboarding: "The Fitness Hub is the heart of the workout area for us, our instructors are really satisfied and it makes their work easier. We were a classic gym before, with a lot of paper. But with EGYM there has come a strict plan and support for the trainers. Above all, a very important tool has been added: the analysis. This means that the customer is onboarded in a completely different way and gets a much better feeling," says Philipp Roskot.

"We now take more time for onboarding - with precise analysis - and have thus further increased the quality for our customers. All the customer's questions are clarified and he feels well looked after. Before EGYM, we didn't have a body analysis scale in the studio, but with the Fitness Hub, the whole thing has been guided and made simple - and that makes it possible for us as a premium discounter to implement it."

And the good support continues with existing customers: "With the Trainer App, we got a tool in our hands where we can always look into all customer data. I can get to know the members very quickly without having had the first contact. These are super advantages and the employees have fun working with it. Our trainers always have the TrainerApp with them on the floor. The app is pretty simple and intuitive, the trainers understand it very quickly. And it makes a very different, more professional image for the members."

Partnership of clever fit and EGYM

Philipp Roskot is convinced that clever fit has gained a very strong partner in EGYM and that the partnership offers advantages for both sides. He explains his personal reasons for choosing EGYM:  

"We chose EGYM because of the openness. On the one hand, the openness of the software, the Open Cloud for other interfaces. And on the other hand, EGYM’s openness to want to continuously improve and listen to the industry. EGYM is developing very fast - even compared to the last eight or ten years. It’s a huge advantage of EGYM that it is software. Software that regularly updates itself, that constantly improves itself. And the classic fitness equipment, for example, doesn't do that - it just gets worse. 

And with clever fit as a partner, generally the market has accelerated. I mean, these are just advantages that clever fit is working with EGYM, because it will open the eyes of the other big chains.

We are very happy with the cooperation with EGYM. If I have an issue, all I have to do is pick up the phone and I always reach someone. And I get feedback pretty quickly and also have the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions for improvement. I feel like EGYM is listening and that I'm being noticed."

Conclusion by Philipp Roskot


Clever Fit Philipp

Philipp Roskot
Owner family, clever fit Dieburg

"Today with EGYM, it’s definitely much easier for the instructors or staff to sell a black label and book members into the higher rate. 

Because the benefit to the customer is much greater now with EGYM.

We will also invest in our second studio because the concept works."



Brief Profile

The Roskot family runs two clever fit gyms, in Dieburg and Groß-Umstadt, Germany. The success of the Digital Fitness Floor in Dieburg, with 11 EGYM Smart Strength machines, Fitness Hub, Tanita and Matrix Cardio, will soon be transferred to the second studio.
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