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5 Ways to Professionalize Your Gym Brand

Utilizing technology is the best way to grow your brand and succeed - find out more about tips on how to create a professional brand that members can identify with.

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COVID-19 changed gym membership and the workout culture as we knew it. Many businesses have since taken up a complete digital approach for service provision and marketing- instead of using digital platforms to complement physical gyms as previously expected. In an extremely competitive industry, finding ways to utilize technology is the best way to grow your brand and succeed. However, there's more to building a gym brand than establishing a virtual gym and creating a slogan. If your goal is to cement your name in your customers' minds, you need to shoot for the long-term. With the following tips, you can create a professional brand that members can identify with.

Partner with companies you trust

Given the poor state of businesses globally due to coronavirus pandemic, it's crucial to consider partnering with other local businesses. There are several ways your gym can partner with other businesses to grow your brands while providing value to consumers.

For example, you can partner with a local fresh food delivery service and encourage your clients to prepare healthy home-cooked meals. In return, the food delivery service recommends your workout videos to their loyal customers.

You can also use your brand awareness to grow the community. For example, you may partner with a local charity to raise funds for COVID-19 support. This approach brings members of the community together for a purpose beyond fitness. It also strengthens your position in the community and gives your clients a reason to get behind your brand.

Use a consistent corporate identity (CI)

A corporate identity is like a personal identity- it gives your gym a visual representation and a personality. Whenever clients look at your logo, see your colors, and look at your slogans, they understand what you represent. There are several aspects to consider when creating your corporate identity.

Logo- Your logo creates a visual image that people can remember. Using your logo on all your brand items, including pens, t-shirts, and gym equipment, is vital because it commands viewers' attention. However, remember to keep your logo visually appealing, yet simple enough to remember. It also helps to keep your logo consistent for long periods to help clients identify your business.

A brand positioning statement- This is a pronouncement that tells your brand's mission and value to consumers. This statement is more than a slogan. It identifies your consumers, your market, a compelling benefit to consumers, and a reason for the consumer to believe in your brand. Brand positioning statements draw consumers by evoking emotion while promising to deliver value in their products and services.

Brand your material & convert your members to brand ambassadors

A cost-effective way to grow your brand professionally is to use your logo on gym equipment. Every time you share a workout video, and pictures on social media, you market your brand by showcasing your merchandise.

Fortunately, you can partner with gym equipment producers to print your gym logo on all your gym equipment- this ensures a consistent visual on all items, which is valuable in marketing. Consistency ensures that your consumers identify your logo whenever they see it.

Converting your club members into brand ambassadors is also an excellent way to market your brand at a low cost. If your clients take photos with your equipment and merchandise, they sell your brand to their audiences. T-shirts, workout bands, weights, and water bottles can significantly increase your brand visibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make the most of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a voice of authority in the online world. They have loyal followings that turn to them for valuable advice for products. Through their reviews and experiences, influencers deliver personalized references for products and services.

Since consumers are spending their time online for both business and leisure, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity. But why influencer marketing? Consumers now see more advertisements trying to draw their attention. However, they're not interested in watching the ads, so businesses need a more personalized approach to marketing.

Partnering with an influencer helps you provide an experience to an authority figure, who then shares their experience with their trusting audience. It's an excellent opportunity to grow your brand visibility by asking the influencer to try your gym merchandise and workout routines. You'll also receive honest feedback that can improve your business and enjoy creative and engaging content from the influencer.

However, it's essential to choose influencers wisely. Any wrong move by the influencer reflects on your business. It helps to choose an influencer based on their brand and audience. If an influencer goes against one of your gym's values, hiring them could lead to business loss.

Use your own branded app to stay in touch with your members

Investing in a business application that helps you engage directly with your gym members is excellent for brand growth. The EGYM Branded Member App showcases your logo on your client's phone. It also allows your consumers to interact with you on an app exclusively dedicated to their fitness- this helps the consumer avoid distractions and focus on the task before them.

Using a branded member app allows you to track your clients' progress and provide personalized services. The app stores their workout data after watching your videos, which you can use to encourage them, create reminders, receive feedback, and make recommendations. You can also empathize with your members when they face personal challenges.

Your gym members can also sync the app with wearable technology, such as smartwatches to track their heart rate, running speed, and distance covered. The information can help you guide your clients towards success.

You can also use the EGYM Branded Member App to create challenges. The challenges may include healthy diets for several days, jogging, marathons, biking, and intense workouts. You can create a community where members can upload progress, share their experience, and videos.


The EGYM Branded Member App helps you reach out and support your clients, and grow a professional brand. You can provide quality exercise videos, workout routines, personalized messages, progress and tracking, and an active community for your gym members. Take the opportunity and spread your gym brand to the world with the EGYM Branded Member App today.