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Mimi Kraus: “Genius is a dream come true!”

Mimi Kraus, former German handball star and owner of Nice Athletic Club Göppingen and Nice Fitness & Spa Eislingen, tested out EGYM Genius – read his review here.

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Truly revolutionary for trainers 

When I tried EGYM Genius for the first time, I couldn't help but think of my trainers and how much time they have to invest in creating and updating training plans – it can take hours every day. But with EGYM Genius, that's all history. Within just ten seconds, we receive new training plan suggestions at the touch of a button. It’s truly revolutionary! It gives our trainers much more freedom in their daily routine. And the best thing is that EGYM Genius covers all aspects of fitness: strength training, mobility and cardio. It not only helps us to retain our members, but also to attract new customers, especially those who come to the gym spontaneously and can start their first training plan straight away.

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An invaluable support 

Imagine you're a trainer on the training floor, you've already looked after 100 members and you still have ten training plans to prepare – it can be quite stressful, and customers can feel it. With Genius, we can look after them spontaneously. Personal workouts are always about scaling, and thanks to the automated workout plan creation, trainers can now look after even more clients per hour. EGYM Genius is an invaluable support. Genius also allows trainers to engage with their clients on a completely different level. Because they progress faster and achieve their goals much quicker. It really is a win-win situation.

A turnover dream come true 

One more word about turnover: if we offer our members first-class services, we are also able to adjust our prices accordingly. For me, EGYM Genius is a tool that significantly increases the quality of our service. With EGYM Genius, we can attract new customers from all directions, and for us as gym owners, that's a dream come true! That really is one of the coolest advantages of Genius.

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