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Rochester Athletic Club Cut Its Attrition Rate in Half With EGYM

Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester, Minnesota is one of the ten largest health clubs in the United States. In 2022, Rochester Athletic Club implemented the EGYM ecosystem, creating even more value for its more than 12,000 members. The results were evident after a short time: 2,000 onboardings in 9 months, simplified processes, happy members and trainers, and halfing the dropout rate.

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Onboardings in less than one year





Strength gain of EGYM users in 9 months





Lower dropout rate of EGYM users

Search for a Unique Offering and Negative Training

The Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) opened its doors in 1993. Since the beginning it has been positioned as a high-quality, comprehensive athletic facility.  Today, the RAC is a multipurpose athletic club spanning more than 260,000 square feet and 12,000+ members - becoming one of the 10 largest health clubs in the United States. Matt Remick is a second generation owner: "At RAC we want to be a fitness and wellness home for everyone. We offer so much more than fitness - we offer basketball, squash tennis courts, group exercise studios, a family entertainment center called The Neighborhood, two swimming pools, a sauna, steam room and whirlpool and much more."

Matt's mission: "In the Rochester market we are among the premium price provider: Individual memberships run around $90 per month. Being that premium price product in the market we have to give our members more. They want more success, more personalization and more results. And as a business owner I want to have more happy members. And I get more happy members when I deliver the things that they are looking for, through products that make our offering unique."

"I've always wanted a negative training at my club. And that was one of the things that got me searching and I found EGYM. 
When I first experienced EGYM at IHRSA, it was magical and I learned that it's so much more. Things that stood out to me were, members get a personalized experience, they get individualized resistance, reps, proper cadence training, cardio plans and automated tracking. And I get happy members who stay longer. That made EGYM an easy decision for us. Such a great experience for my members and just a powerful tool to become a more effective gym owner."

EGYM Is a Workout Home for Everyone - and Simplifies Processes

Fitness Director Steve Boring, a former National and World Bench Press Champion, describes the member base as very diverse and they see EGYM being used by everyone in the club, with every type of training.  "EGYM has been an awesome opportunity to add because it removes a lot of the barriers.  It's a fantastic way to strength train and guides people. We have members who are original to the club from 1993 that never strength trained before and they are now seeing fantastic progress using EGYM. And a client of mine, who is an American record holding bench presser and power lifter uses EGYM every single week for his big heavy lifts.

A big portion of members that came over to EGYM, were ones that had formerly used the selectorized machines. It's awesome: No matter, what your goals are - EGYM has a home for you! Tracking progress is difficult for a lot of people, and now they can actually see that they are getting stronger.

EGYM has simplified our onboarding process with new members. No longer do we have to focus two hours on how to put pins in the machine, what your seat height is, all of that. Instead, now we can really concentrate on result oriented training.
And for us as trainers, EGYM has made our initial process meeting with members much easier: Some of our previous frustrations were trying to remind  members what we told them to do - EGYM has really taken care of that.

So it's easy to assume that adding a technological piece would intimidate trainers but we found the opposite to be true.
Staff realized that we can help members meet their goals. And we ended up increasing my training staff from 24 to 35.“


Real, Obvious Success Right From the Start

Matt Remick: "Nine month later and 2,000 onboardings in, we have learned that EGYM is great for our members. Their strength has increased by 20%. The member experience has improved and they are having more fun. And we are seeing business success as our EGYM members have a dropout rate half our normal membership rate, at 12%. When we continue to see the same success, I can see us growing our EGYM presence and investing in more equipment." 

General Manager Brent Frueh reinforces the decision for EGYM: "Finally, the biggest reason to bring EGYM into your club: If members use it and it's easy and they like it - they are going to continue to be a member. And that's the bottom line what we are all shooting for."

Conclusion by Matt Remick


Matt Remick

Matt Remick
Owner & President, Rochester Athletic Club

"Better results and more personalization.
EGYM allows us to do that

And that helps me meet my goals of having more happy members, more members sharing their experience with others.

We are seeing success as our EGYM members have a dropout rate half our normal membership rate, at 12%."



Profile Rochester Athletic Club

Rochester Athletic Club is a health club that provides world class fitness options and a positive community feel for over 12,000 members. They have state of the art equipment in their 260,000 square foot facility, and the staff and programming to help make an active lifestyle easy and enjoyable.
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