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More sales and an upsell model with EGYM

Sandrine Gras has built up a total of four Up2You clubs in the east of France around Annecy. For two years, she and her team have been experiencing a continuous upward trend, thanks in part to EGYM, and are recording annual growth that is well above plan. In addition, a price increase of 18% was well argued last year and an upsell model with EGYM+ for 9€/month was introduced.

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successful clubs based on EGYM

Price Rise




increase in membership fees





additional contribution per month for EGYM+


Conclusion by Sandrine Gras


Sandrine Gras Up2You

Sandrine Gras
Management Up2You  

"We have 4 studios, and right from the start we chose to put EGYM in all 4, and it works just as well in all 4.

EGYM helps us grow every year."

Brief profile

Up2You is present with 4 studios in the east of France (near Annecy). Members of all ages are accompanied on their way to success in a family atmosphere. Up2You offers the path to a healthier life - but it's up to the exerciser to make it happen: it's "up to you".

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