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Gameday Inspires Fitness Fans at Clever Fit Munich-Giesing

As one of the select few gyms allowed to test Gameday prior to launch, clever fit München-Giesing felt the benefits immediately: new membership groups were attracted, members used Gameday on their own account and were enthusiastic, and instructors were relieved.

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Conclusion by Franz Steinkohl


clever fit Franz Steinkohl

Franz Steinkohl, 
Area Manager, clever fit Munich (8 clubs)

Gameday is very well accepted.

New members go to the EGYM machines on their own accord,  
create that initial contact themselves and see the added value.



Brief Profile: clever fit Munich

clever fit Giesing and seven other gyms in and around Munich are run by Marcus Müller and operationally managed by Franz Steinkohl. It serves as a pilot for the Digital Fitness Floor with EGYM and is one of the selected gyms that Gameday was able to test before publication.
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