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Disinfectant Recommendations

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene currently requires frequent use of disinfectant products.

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Due to these disinfectant products sometimes being extremely aggressive and therefore damaging to certain materials, we as equipment manufacturers have been testing various disinfectants options on our machines. Through the continuous sharing of validated knowledge, we want to equip you with the opportunity to choose the best disinfectant products and practices to the benefit of both your members and your EGYM equipment. In addition to the previous recommendations already shared with you, here are our latest findings:

  • Use cloths when cleaning the equipment! *NEW
  • Never spray the cleaning products directly onto the machines! *NEW
  •  Do not use cleaning products containing chlorine as these have been proven to cause severe corrosion!


How To Choose the Right Product for You

Where EGYM recommended products are not available / deliverable.

Due to varying global availability and the large number of different disinfectants available, EGYM is not able to provide validated product recommendations for all regions. Instead, we have developed the following guidelines to help you in the selection of suitable disinfectant products.

These guidelines are designed to minimize the risks of poorly suited disinfectants and to optimize the lifetime of your EGYM equipment.

  • Do not use highly concentrated alcohols (over 45%)
  • Do not use disinfectants containing chlorine

In some cases, disinfectant products leave slight residues that can affect the function and appearance of the monitors. If necessary, we recommend cleaning these with a damp cloth (use clear water) to completely remove any residues and ensure proper function.


Advantages of Using Disinfectant Wipes

Health: Reduces aerosol exposure in the studio

Efficiency: Quick and easy application increases member throughput

Cost-effective: Wipes can be used on multiple machines

Protection of the machines: Regulates and reduces the amount of disinfectant applied, thus preventing any residues or penetration into problematic areas.


Use of Sprays

  • Always use a cloth when cleaning the equipment
  • Do not spray the product directly onto the machine!