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A guide to EGYM Genius for operators

Everything operators need to know about getting started with EGYM Genius.

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This is fitness as you’ve never seen it before. With the cutting-edge AI of EGYM Genius, the EGYM Experience now makes the entire gym floor smarter than ever before. Genius integrates leading fitness brands into a single training experience and creates hyper-personalized training plans for members that adapt to their goals, fitness levels and to all the equipment available in your gym.

For operators, it’s a total game-changer. Gone are the days of disconnected, analog and old-fashioned training experiences that fail to deliver results for businesses and members alike. With Genius, EGYM is ushering in a new era of workouts by increasing efficiency, optimizing member satisfaction and enabling businesses to thrive. This is all possible thanks to the game-changing AI developed by EGYM which uses seven billion workout data points, 340 million assessment data points and over a decade of sports science expertise to create a training experience that’s so smart it’s genius.

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How to get started with EGYM Genius for operators

To get started with EGYM Genius, your gym requires the following:

  • Fitness Hub and a connected scale 
  • Smart Strength machines (we recommend Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Rotary Torso, Hip Thrust), ideally with Open Mode 
  • Branded Member App including the Genius widget. (Not the free version of the BMA as Genius is incompatible here)
  • If you intend to use Genius for Trainers, make sure to have the Trainer App including the Genius widget

If you meet the technical requirements for Genius, you then need to input your entire gym inventory into the EGYM Business Suite (EGYM’s online operator portal), including both smart machines and analogue equipment. Genius can then use this data to generate daily workouts for members based on their individual fitness levels, goals and performance.

Genius is available in two different modes: Genius for Trainers and Genius for Members.


Genius for Trainers 

Genius for Trainers means that each member's training plan is created in the Trainer App. Using all the equipment available in the gym, the AI suggests an individualized training plan for the selected member. Trainers can easily create customized workouts for members, including the ability to exclude certain machines and customize exercises. Members receive the training plan directly from their trainer - the AI is not recognizable to them.


Genius for Members 

Genius for Members allows members to create AI-powered workouts themselves in the Branded Member App that are customized for their gym without the need for a trainer. Members can customize their own workouts within the Genius widget in their member app without a trainer.

You can also implement both Genius for Trainers and Genius for Members in your gym so that trainers and members can create their own training plans according to your business model.

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What are the key advantages of Genius for operators? 

Improved efficiency: By streamlining operations, speeding up onboardings and automating repetitive tasks, Genius helps fitness facilities to operate more efficiently, reducing overhead costs and maximizing profits. 

Increased revenue through upselling opportunities: EGYM's data-driven insights and personalized training programs (EGYM+) create opportunities to upsell premium services 

Increased member retention: EGYM's innovative solutions enhance member engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and reduced churn. 

Enhanced member experience: With highly personalized training plans and advanced workout tracking, EGYM improves the overall member experience, fostering long-term loyalty and referrals. 

Stay ahead of the competition: In an increasingly competitive digital fitness landscape, EGYM equips fitness facilities with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition and succeed.

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