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What is the EGYM ID?

What Is the EGYM ID?

The EGYM ID gives you access to the entire EGYM Ecosystem. Your EGYM ID consists of a username (your email address) protected by a password.

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Your EGYM ID. Your Club Access. Your Workout.

The EGYM ID allows you to use different club services with just one access. For example, you can use your EGYM ID to log in to the connected fitness floor (depending on your club, e.g., Smart Strength, Smart Flex, Fitness Hub, and connected equipment). You also get access to your club's app and extended website functionalities. All you need is your EGYM ID and the corresponding password. The on-site services depend on your club's EGYM products and services.


The Direct Connection to Your Club.

The EGYM ID allows you to share the data from the club and with your trainer in the club. You can connect an existing EGYM ID to the club by giving it to the club when you register. The connection is then made automatically or after entering your password.

If your EGYM ID is connected to your club, the following functions are available: 

  • Trainers can create a training plan for you that is displayed on the app and the equipment
  • Trainers can retrieve your saved results from training and measuring devices (if you have shared this data with the club)
  • Login to your club's app and use advanced functions such as course booking, self-service, etc.
  • Login to your club's website to access the member portal there
  • Trainers can take a medical history with you
  • Coaches can help you add an RFID device to your account


Frequently Asked Questions

    Use the same EGYM ID and password whenever you are asked to log in to an EGYM service. You should have automatically received an EGYM ID by email when you logged in to the studio. If you do not have an EGYM ID, please get in touch with your gym to obtain an EGYM ID or the email address associated with your EGYM ID.


    Your EGYM ID offers you a range of benefits, e.g.:

    • You can log in to various devices in the club with your EGYM ID to save your training and measurement results. With many devices, you must only connect the RFID medium (e.g., chip card or wristband) to your EGYM ID once. After that, using your chip card or wristband to log in is sufficient.
    • You can keep your data current by logging into your club's app or EGYM website with your EGYM ID.
    • Thanks to the EGYM ID, you can view all your training and measurement results in your club's app.
    • Get access to advanced digital features of your membership when you log in to your club's website with your EGYM ID.


    You must keep your data current as your EGYM ID is used for all your devices and services. To do this, you can log in to the EGYM website at any time using the "Login" button and perform the following actions:

    • Change your password to help keep your account secure.
    • Update your email address for the EGYM ID to make sure it is an address you use frequently.
    • Update the master data stored for your EGYM ID.


    If you do not know or have forgotten the password for your EGYM ID, you can reset your password here. Please note that you will be asked to enter your password again when resetting the password for certain services (e.g., app).

    Note: Not all services may be available in your club. Please contact your club to find out which services you can use your EGYM ID on-site and digitally.