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EGYM Programs: Rehab Fit Brings You Back to Normal Performance Level

Rehab Fit: EGYM Training Program

The Rehab Fit training program allows you to slowly and gently work your way back to your normal performance level. Training methods and intensity follow optimal periodization to guarantee a successful return to your regular training program.

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The Rehab Fit training program allows you to slowly and gently work your way back to your expected performance level. Training methods and intensity follow optimal periodization to guarantee a safe and succesfull return to your regular training program.

This training program is aimed at complete newcomers, or those whose current training goals are too intensive. Rehab Fit also works well for club customers who are recovering from an injury or have health issues preventing them from practicing ‘normal’ circuit training, as well as older customers who need a more gentle training regime.

EGYM specializes in quickly realizing new, software-based products such as Rehab Fit that can be optimally integrated into existing club programs. All EGYM machines currently in use in clubs will soon automatically receive the Rehab Fit update overnight. This means that you can constantly offer your customers new incentives for training on EGYM machines without any additional effort or extra costs. These updates specifically target new groups of users, because the EGYM training system can offer solutions for every customer’s wishes. Members who train with EGYM reach their goals faster and more reliably. This lowers customer turnover rates and contributes to the success of trainers and providers alike!

The Rehab Fit training program now allows you to move members from your rehab courses into the training zone, by introducing them to the circuit. The program is safe and prevents overexertion. 

The Four Phases of the Rehab Fit Training Program

Phase 1: Mobilization (regular)


The initial phase focuses on mobilization. The smooth training using the particularly gentle regular training method improves mobility using low weight and moderate reps to improve joint and muscle mobility. This phase is the first step towards freedom from pain.

Phase 2: Activation (negative)


The second phase uses the negative training method. By increasing intensity in the eccentric or lowering phase of a movement, the muscle can move the joints through a full range of motion in the shortening phase and increase muscle fiber activation through a greater load during the lengthening phase.  This creates the optimal foundation for the subsequent Strength Initiation training.

Phase 3: Strength Initiation (regular)

Initiating/strengthening the muscles

Here, the goal is to build up and strengthen muscles via regular training using a higher training weight. Now that the muscles and joints have experienced small increases in movement range and resistance, they are primed to take on a greater load and improve strength endurance. The muscles are stimulated more in this phase, leading to growth.

Phase 4: Full Function (explonic)

Increasing intensity

The final phase introduces explonic training. The focus is on regaining the full function of the affected muscle and joint by introducing a power element into the program. Strength endurance (phase 3) is only part of the equation; now we need to improve the power and reaction time of the muscle to handle greater and more intense loads. This phase provides optimal preparation for other training programs, for example the General Fitness training program.

The four phases, each consisting of six training sessions, are designed to be completed over approximately three months. The EGYM Rehab Fit program is particularly suited to those looking for a gentle reintroduction to training after injury. The isokinetic training method protects the joints and thus minimizes the risk of injury caused by overexertion.