The 3 Fastest Growing Technology Trends

The fitness industry is always evolving. Each year, more gyms and clubs are offering the latest fitness technologies in their facilities to stay up to date with their competitors. Not to mention, the fitness market is one of the best markets to be in if you want to start a business, with an annual growth of 3-4%.

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With that amount of growth, it is no wondering fitness technologies have been increasing exponentially. Having the latest technology is great. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to know which technology trends in fitness are experiencing the most extensive growth and have the highest earning potential. So if you are someone who is always looking to expand their industry knowledge, here are the four fastest growing trends in the fitness industry:

1. Online class reservation

The convenience of online class reservation software is unparalleled, which is why scheduling software is expected to be worth over $360 million by 2024. It keeps everything simple by allowing members to register online, where instructors and operators can easily track all those who sign up. Not to mention, online class registration does not require any emails or phone calls to complete, freeing up time for your staff.

Another key benefit to online class reservation is it prevents classes from overfilling. No instructor enjoys teaching an over-capacity class, but online registration provides a frictionless online process, so your instructors never have to worry about it. Likewise, members can easily cancel their registration at any time online,  making the cancellation process as easy as possible for both club owners and members. 

2. Online training services

Since social distancing orders were put in place,  16% of adults now say that watch more fitness videos online.  Online coaching and virtual training have emerged as a staple in the fitness industry. Many contemporary clubs utilize mobile apps and integration technology as a liaison between club members and instructors. Countless apps are available that simulate personal trainers through individual's smartphones, which can help them reach their personal fitness goals without paying the cost of an in-person trainer.  

With the growth in popularity of training apps, digital personal training services have emerged as a dominant new market in the fitness industry. With all that growth, it is crucial to note that virtual training is only in its infancy. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, online training services are only going to continue to increase exponentially. As of right now, online training appears to be the most lucrative and safest platform for personal trainers to provide their services and will continue to remain the case, at least for the foreseeable future. 

3. Mobile applications

The last emerging technology on our list is mobile applications. Today, health and fitness apps currently hold approximately 3% of the market share on the Google and Apple app store. With the surge of smartphone usage, it is no wonder mobile fitness applications have experienced the most substantial amount of growth on our list. Smartphone users use their phones for everything, especially fitness. However, what is incredibly surprising is fitness apps have a projected growth of 7.6% between 2017 and 2022, as compared to other mobile apps. The disparity is astounding, which is why mobile apps are great tools for club owners to utilize to help increase engagement with customers, online class membership, and offer a better club experience.

The beauty of a mobile app is it can conveniently combine numbers one and three on this list into one technology solution. Through a well-designed app, members can register and view upcoming classes from the convenience of their smartphone, and take advantage of any virtual workout classes you have available as well. Not to mention, it could be a powerful tool for trainers who can use the app to track the participant's workout history and progression overall, even when they are not in session. Having the sort of data tracking capability enables trainers to give personalized training advice that keeps members engaged and on track towards their fitness goals beyond the confines of your club's walls.

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