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4 challenges clubs face in 2024 (and how to overcome them)

From trainer efficiency to industry competition, clubs face numerous obstacles to success – here’s how to overcome the biggest ones.

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In the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry, gyms continually encounter new hurdles to navigate. As we move into the second half of 2024, several challenges loom large, demanding innovative solutions for gyms to thrive. From evolving technology to shifting member expectations, here are four key challenges clubs face in 2024, along with strategies to overcome them: 

1. Trainer Efficiency 

With the rise of personalized fitness plans and virtual training options, the role of fitness trainers has evolved significantly. However, ensuring trainer efficiency remains a challenge. Trainers need to balance personalized attention with managing a large client base efficiently. 

By considerably reducing onboarding times, EGYM Genius considerably improves trainer efficiency. Thanks to Genius’ ever-expanding, AI-powered knowledge base, trainers can provide improved member care and generate high-quality training plans in just a few clicks, allowing for more scalable member support.

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2. Acquiring New Members 

In a competitive market, attracting new members requires strategic marketing and differentiation. With various fitness options available, clubs must find unique ways to stand out and appeal to potential members. 

Word of mouth has never been more important when it comes to gaining new members. Members who see the results they desire are more likely to recommend a club to others, and when your members share their results on social media or with their friends, they’re demonstrating that your gym is helping them to achieve their goals. 

With EGYM Genius, your members can get their own personalized training plans that adapt according to their fitness level, performance and training preferences. By following an individual training program, rather than a generic workout structure, members are more likely to achieve their goals, and are more likely to share their results with others. 

When it comes to acquiring new members, it’s also crucial that you’re marketing your club in the right way. The EGYM Marketing Portal helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by providing a centralized location for high-quality marketing materials that help you attract and retain new members. With a range of print and digital products, merchandise and bundles, it’s your one-stop shop for the tools you need to promote your club to future customers, as well as to keep them loyal and engaged in the long term.

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3. Member Retention 

Retaining existing members is crucial for the long-term success of any club. In an era of endless options and changing trends, maintaining member satisfaction and loyalty poses a significant challenge. 

By providing personalized training plans that cater to individual preferences, fitness levels, and goals, EGYM Genius not only keeps members motivated with varied training plans, but also delivers real, lasting results that boost satisfaction and keep members engaged to achieve their next goals. 

Another important factor in improving member retention is the constant optimization of your business. With the EGYM Education Portal, you can access short courses online anytime that help you optimize your use of EGYM hardware, software, and services and improve your member experience.

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4. Industry Competition 

The fitness industry is saturated with competitors, ranging from traditional gyms to boutique studios and online platforms. Standing out in a crowded market and retaining a competitive edge is a perpetual challenge for gym owners. 

Now, more than ever, members expect their clubs to provide a service that goes above and beyond. With EGYM Genius, you can be sure that you’re staying ahead of the competition by providing your members with personalized training plans tailored to their goals, as well as improved member care and a fully connected training floor. 

Gone are the days when your trainers spend lengthy periods onboarding new members instead of providing support; EGYM Genius cuts the onboarding time in half, allowing them to focus on providing a premium training experience to more members in your club.

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In short 

Navigating the challenges facing your club requires a combination of innovation, adaptation, and strategic planning. By addressing issues such as trainer efficiency, member retention, acquiring new members, industry competition, and technology integration with the solutions offered by EGYM, gyms can position themselves for sustainable success in a rapidly evolving industry. By staying agile and responsive to changing trends and consumer preferences, clubs can thrive in the competitive landscape of 2024 and beyond.