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The Importance of Scale When it Comes to Software

Growing and expanding any business results from the continuous effort that happens over the lifetime of the business. This fact is no different for fitness and health facilities that need to find innovative ways to retain existing members and attract potential new ones. Digitizing your operations by providing a platform to engage your clients, provide tips, and market yourself or picking management software are steps in the right direction. Yet, in taking these steps, it's vital to identify the aspects of a technological platform, an app, or software that meets your growing business's needs. Scalability ensures that you can expand and contract your operations as needed. Let's take a closer look at the scale in software and why you need it for your brand.

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What Is Scalability?

Scale mainly refers to the size of an object; if it's scalable, you can change the size. Scalable software expands and contracts with your operations, without affecting service delivery. Scalability matters because it affects operations' effectiveness, especially in digital interfaces, where you interact with members, such as a branded member app. If the platform you use is scalable, it maintains effective performance, even when your workload increases. In this case, the workload could be multiple users, storage, transactions, and sharing information.

While non-scalable software can function for your business right now, it doesn't reflect on your growing needs. As your operations expand, you need software that grows with you, without requiring a system redesign.

Why Scalability In Software Matters

1. Unlimited Operations

As your business expands, it's stressful to plan and run routine changes to your system to handle the growing clientele. An unscalable system burdens you with the dilemma of closing off operations, increasing processing time for requests, or using different software to handle members. 

Scalable software eliminates the burden of limiting future operations. It helps you increase your clientele, take them through initial training and monitoring, store client data, and ensure quick communication during use.

2. Meeting Member Expectations

It's critical always to be prepared to meet member demands. Unfortunately, these demands are never static. A scalable software helps you take advantage of market forces by providing a virtually unlimited supply of resources. As shifts and interest in your fitness or health facilities occur, you'll have reliable software that absorbs the new changes without a dip in performance.

More importantly, scalability helps you make a great first impression with members. Some may dismiss your facility if your systems are slow or unavailable when they're ready to sign up. A small glitch can cost you current members and future recommendations.

3. Working With Data

Running a modern fitness or health facility includes digitizing the business side of things. You're likely to handle data on payments, training and nutrition programs, smart machine monitoring, fitness reports, and training instructions for every member. Without an efficient system to take the data, you may find yourself losing information, getting lost in paperwork, or giving the wrong recommendations.

With cutting-edge managed IT services, you have access to unlimited IT services and infrastructure. You can process and store data on the cloud, and when you need more services, you can upgrade easily. These modern systems provide scalability and ensure that your data operations are always efficient.

4. Pay-As-You-Go Cost Model

If you're not building your software from scratch, you'll likely source it from a vendor. Scalable software with a pay-as-you-go model (PAYG) helps you make financial savings by paying for only what you use. You can pay the vendor for what you need at that specific moment, and when your needs increase, you can subscribe to a higher package. 

What Is The Cost Of Creating Scalable Software for a Fitness and Health Facility?

Scalability ensures that your business can handle increasing performance demands without failing. While you could in theory create scalable software yourself, it may likely cost too much and require skills that may or may not be present in your operations. What's more, other aspects of the software, such as security, robustness, speed, and integrations, need accommodation. These activities require the input of software experts such as developers, managers, and support teams, that are unnecessary to your core operations of delivering a superb exercise experience to your members.

Outsourcing your software needs to a reliable vendor helps you achieve scalability at an affordable cost. Selecting a vendor that builds excellent software for your facility’s needs enables you to achieve the following:

Efficiency and effectiveness: Scalable software helps you run your digital operations smoothly, without needing to learn the intricacies of software development and maintenance. You can also scale your needs as necessary and it’s ensured that your software is always up-to-date by a knowledgeable partner.

Digitize your business at a lower cost: You can pay for reliable software without creating software from scratch. This helps you focus on core operations.

Lower hiring costs: Operating your software requires extra management. You can transfer this cost to the vendor and avoid hiring IT teams.

Security: Handling private client data requires robust security systems. You can transfer the majority of the burden to the software vendor.

Meeting client expectations: Today’s members expect modern solutions to their needs. For example, digital platforms such as branded gym apps are vital because they help enable virtual training sessions, instant data sharing from smart machines, and connectivity to 3rd party wearables and apps your member might use outside the gym.

Integrations: Excellent software supports integrations with different apps to help you operate your gym as efficiently as possible. 

Is Your Business Scalable?

EGYM provides scalable software solutions that support your gym through various stages of expansion. Contact us today to see how EGYM software can make your business scalable.

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