Workout-at-Home Solutions: Challenge for Gyms?

Find out more about how gyms need to change their offering to compete with improved workout-at-home solutions.

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Many people are turning to workouts at home because of the latest technology trends as well as the added convenience. Gym owners must rise to the challenge in order to incorporate more user-friendly technologies and demonstrate why going to a gym is still the better option. Home gyms can be fun, but only if you have the space and budget for it. As a fitness or health facility, you need to ensure that your gym is providing clients with the convenience of the home gym experience, with the added value of a professional training floor, while saving them money.

What the workout-at-home market looks like today

Once upon a time, home workout equipment was lame. People had to figure out how to muster up enough motivation to use free weights, a recumbent bike, or a full gym system. Either way, it required people to know what exercises to do with the equipment. They didn't have the camaraderie found at the gym. They simply had the convenience of being able to get a workout without leaving their home. 

Times have changed as a result of a significant amount of tech making its way into home workout equipment. Names like Peloton, Tonal, and Hydrow are gracing living rooms around the nation. They're not just workout tools. They have WiFi to help people connect to classes. They have science and technology that adapts to the body to provide faster results. They have built-in coaches so people can get the help they need – all from the comfort of their home.

All of this tech can come at an expense, though. Not only is there an investment in the equipment, but there are also monthly subscriptions. Or, they could simply go to their local gym – assuming they get the same level of tech being dangled in front of them by the top fitness tech companies.

How tech is helping fitness enthusiasts

The tech found in today's workout equipment is making working out more fun. It's allowing people to fall in love with getting fit. And when it's fun, it becomes more addictive. People want to work out – and they're able to see the results they're after, too.

Lululemon's acquisition of Mirror shows that people who are health conscious are also tech-savvy and want to be stylish as they work out.

Whether it's Mirror, Peloton, or any of the other systems, they connect to social media. People want to work out with their friends. They want that accountability. By using social media connections, people can "ride" with friends from around the world. They can share their progress, compete, and support one another. It allows for the social aspect of working out even from their home.

Working out in gyms is relevant. However, not everyone has friends who go to the gym with them. Working at home can end up being more social. As such, you have to be sure that you're encouraging relationships and socializations within your gym.

Further, the tech allows for a greater level of understanding. People can use the tech to not only find out how many calories they're burning but how many calories they should be burning, how long they should be on the equipment, and even what level of intensity they should be at. It takes the guess work out in order to get the results. It also eliminates wandering throughout the gym where people have no idea what to do or how to do it.

With tracking and logs, it allows people to see that they're moving forward. When people know that they're losing weight, gaining muscle, and making strides, it keeps them coming back for more. Particularly with gym memberships, you want people to know that they're making progress – or they'll cancel that gym membership and you'll never get them back in the door.

Classes and why they're important

Working out isn't a solo sport. While some people will sweat by themselves, many prefer to do it with a partner or inside of a class. There are a few reasons – they're not alone and there's kinship in learning a new move or skill.

Peloton and many of the other home-gym gadgets offer virtual classes. It allows people to find a time and get the workout that they need while being encouraged every step of the way.

Are virtual classes only for the home gym-goers? Absolutely not. You can choose to integrate virtual classes, too. Especially if you notice that the in-gym classes are not as popular as they once were, it might come down to timing. So, offer virtual classes. You may find that your clients like it better. They've already formed a relationship with the instructor. Now, they can get their workouts in at home when they can't make it into the gym.

The virtual or pre-recorded classes can be offered inside the gym, too. It allows your clients the opportunity to use the equipment that you have to offer while having some added instruction along the way.

Upgrade your tech to offer a better experience at the gym

Gym members want to be fit for life. Facilities have to know how to provide that promise – and the solution is in the form of technology. EGYM offers smart solutions that help to combat those who would rather use stay-at-home gym equipment.

There's camaraderie at the gym. There's accountability. And, there's a greater selection of equipment. It's easy to sell people on a gym membership if they know they're going to get a better experience. By upgrading your technology, you can place the tech that's important to your gym members in front of them. It's how you continue to get their support in the form of paid memberships month after month.

Our EGYM Workouts offer interactive and personalized training experiences. Whether you have personal trainers or not, people are able to get tailored workouts to help them reach their goals. Upon sign-in, the machines adapt to the member. It ensures that each and every member gets the personalized help they need when they need it.

Particularly for those too shy to ask for a personal trainer or for those who don't want to spend any more, our smart machines provide the customization without the added cost to your members. Further, personal trainers can leverage our fitness tools to provide a higher level of member care with health insights and more.

Plus, the EGYM Branded Member App allows you to have your corporate identity in place while being able to get member engagement. Give your members something they can't get at home – a community of people with like-minded goals.

Learn more about our gym solutions by reaching out to us today. We'll show you how a tech investment can give you the competitive edge needed to stay in the game.