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EGYM Cloud

Whether members are working out on EGYM products, integrated partner equipment, or using member apps and wearables – the EGYM Cloud enables a fully connected workout experience and progress tracking across our entire ecosystem.

A Connected Workout Experience and Digitized Processes

From EGYM Smart machines to connected partner cardio equipment and management software, virtually everything in your facility can be connected via the EGYM Cloud. Members can even connect apps and wearables they use outside of the gym – creating a seamless workout experience for your customers. The EGYM Cloud also enables access to workout data that helps trainers enhance their coaching and makes workflows more efficient for operators and staff alike.

EGYM Cloud and EGYM apps automatically sync all the member workout results generated on EGYM machines, all connected equipment and compatible apps.

Customers use their EGYM ID to log in to connected partner cardio and strength euqipment, so all workouts are tracked in one place via the EGYM Cloud.

Member workout data is recorded and translated into motivational features accessible for your members at all times—in the gym, and anywhere they go.

Data from integrated body analyzers helps create more detailed member profiles and craft more tailored training plans.

Member profiles are automatically created via interfaces to your management software in visible e.g. in the EGYM Trainer app, for optimal workflows.

For Operators


  • Freedom to choose equipment and software
  • Reduction of repetitive processes
  • Future-proof, open platform
  • Deep integration to enable a smooth member experience

For Trainers


  • All member data in one location
  • Available on the training floor via the EGYM Trainer app
  • 100% digital = no more paper and pen
  • Automated work process reduce workload

For Members


  • All workout data in one location
  • Compatible with most apps and wearables
  • Easy interpretation of workout progress
  • Motivational features that support the development of lasting habits

Connect To An Infinite World of Possibilities

As an open platform, the EGYM Cloud is open to all equipment manufacturers and software providers. To date, over 100 partners worldwide connect to the EGYM Cloud, and their number is constantly growing.

Management Software

All member profiles are automatically created in the EGYM Trainer app and EGYM+ can be switched on or off via interfaces to your member management software.

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Cardio Equipment

Members can log in with their EGYM ID or RFID on all our connected partner equipment. The EGYM Cloud and EGYM apps document the entire workout. Smart Cardio-compatible machines offer members access to the whole EGYM experience, including performance tests, training programs, gamification, and more.

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Strength Equipment

Members log in with their EGYM ID or RFID on all connected partner strength equipment. The EGYM Cloud and EGYM apps then document the entire workout.

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Body Analysis

Body analysis results from compatible partner equipment are recorded in the EGYM Cloud to enable easy access by trainers and members via EGYM apps or the EGYM Fitness Hub.

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Apps & Wearables

All member workout data is recorded and included in training plans - in the gym and on the go.

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