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Exercisers want personalized workouts that are effective and fun. Our answer? The EGYM Experience. Learn more and take our free assessment to find out how smart your facility already is.

What Do Gym-Goers Want?

Most gyms aren't designed for the majority of exercisers. As a result, members often give up because their workout isn't tailored to them. The result: they don't reach their goals and they lose motivation. Above all, working out is simply not fun. The problem: failing members lead to failing gyms.

The Solution: Smart Workouts by EGYM

Eva, Helen, Paul, Clair and Jasmin are members with real needs. Real people who want smart workouts. And by smart, we mean personalized workouts that deliver real results and are simply fun. The EGYM Experience offers smart workouts for real people. See for yourself and watch our video.






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Personalized Training, but How?

Around three quarters of operators are planning technology investments for their facility this year, with 52% of them looking to invest in technology to improve the member experience*. But where exactly should you start investing to meet member demands for more personalization?

*Found out in our global survey of gym operators in July 2021.

How Smart Is Your Gym?

As technology experts for the fitness industry, we'll help you digitally transform your facility successfully.

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