Which Scales are Compatible With Fitness Hub?

Fitness Hub seamlessly integrates market-leading body composition scales from top manufacturers such as seca, Tanita, and InBody, making them a perfect fit for the workflows in your facility.

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Connecting your body composition scale to Fitness Hub not only streamlines workflows in your facility, but it also facilitates demonstrating member progress by making complex data from multiple sources easy to understand thanks to EGYM's BioAge, taking the results of various analyses that are put into the context of all other performance data of your members. This includes, for example, the results of strength tests on Smart Strength machines or cardio tests on compatible Smart Cardio machines. So progress is made visible - and more easily understood - for your members at an early stage. This article explains what options are available when deciding on a scale.

Note: It is absolutely necessary to have a scale in order to use the Fitness Hub!

Products of Leading Manufacturers are Connected


InBody, Seca, Tanita

An overview of the compatible models, the respective connection options, as well as information about the setup can be found in the course of the article.


How are Scales Connected to Fitness Hub?

There are two ways to connect body composition scales with Fitness Hub:

  1. via direct connection with a USB cable
  2. via cloud connection

Each variant is suitable for different applications and the specific decision should be made depending on the local implementation in the facility and the workflows used. Also, it is important to consider which body composition scale is going to be used, as not every model supports both options. Below you will find an overview of the benefits of each option, as well as which model supports which connection. You will also see how to request the setting up of the connection.


Direct Connection


  • Direct communication and integration of body measurement into the Fitness Hub onboarding process.
  • Fitness Hub sends all relevant data to the scale during onboarding and starts the measurement right away.

To be considered:

Fitness Hub and scale are connected by USB cable (maximum cable length: 5 meters).


Cloud Connection


  • Free placement of the scale independent of the Fitness Hub.
  • In addition to the body composition scale connected via cloud, the standard platform scale can be connected to the Fitness Hub for direct weight measurement during onboarding.

To be considered:

If no standard platform scale is connected in addition to the body composition scale via cloud connection, a measurement via the scale integrated to the cloud must already be completed for the respective member before onboarding with Fitness Hub in order for the EGYM machines to be set up correctly. With cloud connection, this measurement process is not directly enabled and controlled by Fitness Hub.


This is What Your Setup Could Look Like!


From left to right in various configurations and possible applications, e.g. right on the training floor, or in a separate "analysis area", etc...: Standard platform scale, Tanita MC780, InBody 770, seca TRU.


Options & Overview



"The interface to the new EGYM Fitness Hub is an outstanding solution for our customers to make their own customer service even more efficient and effective. InBody measurement and display of the measured values (...) now provide both the training customer and the trainer with a perfect overview and management options."

Chang-Hun Jo, Country Manager Germany InBody


  • Compatible models: 270, 370, 570, 770 1)
  • Direct connection: ✓ 2)
  • Cloud connection: ✓ 2) 3)
  • Point of contact for setup: EGYM Sales at the time of purchase, or InBody Sales in the case of later integration.
  • Setup fee EGYM: $0
  • Setup fee Partner: please contact your local InBody representative

1. It may be necessary for older scales to be updated by InBody. This will be clarified during the setup process. Logistics costs to InBody may be incurred.
2. For both options for the connection (direct or cloud connection), existing customer data must be migrated to InBody LookinBody Cloud.
3. Requires RFID reader, which can be purchased directly from InBody.



"The combination of medical precision, integration and motivation is the epitome of truth for us when it comes to innovative training. Especially when the measurements have medical precision, as with secaTRU, and are integrated into an overall concept like the EGYM Fitness Hub, this has an enormous boost for member motivation and loyalty. They can access seca measurements and their development at any time in the EGYM Fitness Hub and thus better understand correlations."

Angelina Zirkel, Sales Leader seca Medical Fitness DACH


  • Compatible models: TRU (552/555)
  • Direct connection: -
  • Cloud connection: ✓
  • Point of contact for setup: EGYM Sales at the time of purchase, or seca Sales in the case of later integration.
  • Setup fee EGYM: $0
  • Setup fee Partner: please contact your local seca representative



"During the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more than ever aware of the need to stay fit and healthy. The combination of the EGYM Fitness Hub with our TANITA MC-780 can help you to generate more revenue by further optimizing the customer experience in your gym appealing to both your existing members as well as these so called new health seekers. The ease of integration with the EGYM Fitness Hub and the option to lock the screen makes our Tanita MC-780 the ideal partner."

Jan Alderlieste, Managing Director Tanita Europe


  • Compatible models: MC780, MC980
  • Direct connection: ✓
  • Cloud connection: -
  • Point of contact for setup: EGYM Sales
  • Setup fee EGYM: $0
  • Setup fee Partner: please contact your local Tanita representative


Standard-Plattform Scale

  • Compatible models: Standard-Plattform Scale 4)
  • Direct connection: ✓
  • Cloud connection: -
  • Point of contact for setup: EGYM Sales
  • Setup fee EGYM: $0
  • Setup fee Partner: N/A

4) Model: seca 634, can be ordered with Fitness Hub order for an additional charge. The standard platform scale only measures weight, not body composition.


Now it's up to you!

Now it's up to you to decide which scale, which implementation and which type of connection you want to use. Please note that for the use of the Fitness Hub a scale is mandatory!

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