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How the EGYM Fitness Hub connects the fitness floor

How Does Fitness Hub Work?

Fitness Hub, the new centerpiece of the connected training floor, excites operators, trainers, and members alike.

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With touchless onboarding, intuitive assessments – including flexibility tests and body composition measurements – as well as the visualization of training success, Fitness Hub addresses three of the most pressing customer needs at once and takes member care to the next level.

Having learned that Fitness Hub is all about supporting members and augmenting staff’s capabilities in their efforts to help exercisers on their journey towards individual fitness and health goals, aren’t you intrigued to learn more about how all of this is made possible?

Here are some highlights of Fitness Hub’s powerful technology for those that need the details or plain old tech-geeks:

Inside Fitness Hub

State-of-the-art 3D Camera Technology
As one of the first products worldwide, Fitness Hub uses Microsoft Azure Kinect 3.0 3D Camera that enables best-in-class precision for accurate measurements, efficient and touchless onboarding, as well as precise and impactful self-service assessments.

Close-up: State-of-the-art 3D Camera Technology

Brilliant 27” Full-HD Touchscreen Display
Fitness Hub’s stunning display comes in an ergonomic portrait format with a wide viewing angle and anti-reflective coating. Its industrial-grade display-quality delivers outstanding image clarity and a great viewing experience.

Close-up: Brilliant 27” Full-HD Touchscreen Display

Cutting-edge computing
Equipped with high-performance machine learning optimized components, including state-of-the-art 9th generation Intel technology and advanced Nvidia hardware, Fitness Hub has plenty of computing power for years to come. Thanks to its future-proof technical components, Fitness Hub can handle future features and software upgrades with ease!

Seamless Ecosystem Integration
EGYM’s Cloud lets operators choose the best in breed equipment such as body composition scales from leading OEMs Seca, Tanita, and InBody. Its cloud connectivity allows Fitness Hub to leverage data from Smart Strength and 3rd party connected Smart Cardio equipment for motivating features, such as BioAge.

Close-up: Seamless Ecosystem Integration

Future Technology for Solving Today’s Problems!

Besides changes created in our lives by the current health crisis, the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle for many will remain a constant challenge. And as restrictions regarding gym usage are continually changing, members demand that operators deliver new and innovative solutions to meet their changing needs. As such, fitness and health facilities have to adapt to the risks of ongoing change by devising innovative methods to help exercisers achieve their goals and allow facilities to operate economically.

While people exercise for various reasons - whether to improve health, feel, perform, or simply look better, the aim is always to track progress towards a specific goal. However, many members have traditionally struggled to achieve those goals and judged their fitness provider harshly for it.

In an age where almost every aspect of people's lives is becoming more convenient due to the advances of modern technology, the workout experience should not be an exception. EGYM has developed an entire ecosystem that engages exercisers and improves user and staff outcomes. Fitness Hub is the latest addition to this ecosystem and takes the EGYM Experience to the next level.

What Is the EGYM Experience?

Today, 80% of gym-goers fail to achieve their health goals. Why? Because today’s workout options lack guidance and personalization. Most importantly, exercising is simply not fun for the average gym-goer. EGYM has set out to redesign workouts for the 80%. How? EGYM meets members where they are: with a personalized workout experience built around their individual health goals and physical ability—offering them cohesive guidance, motivation, and support – in and outside the gym – creating the ideal environment for success.

With continually evolving technology, gym operators need to finally shift their offering away from an endless cycle of new technology and trends. Instead, the focus should be on providing a consistently high-quality member experience designed to help members achieve their health goals.

EGYM is at the forefront of a new movement combining science and technology to empower fitness and health facilities to pave the path for their members to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The result is a fully connected training experience that drives measurable business and health outcomes on and off the training floor. And Fitness Hub is the new centerpiece of this experience.

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