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Strengthen your brand with marketing from EGYM

The best staff, the most beautiful location, and the most modern equipment in your club are only half the battle. Our marketing helps you attract new members and retain them in the long run. In this blog post, we have put together marketing tips for you.


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Marketing Tips

1. Content mix 

Your content should be informative and engaging at the same time. Create a content mix using user-generated content and occasional professional material, or reshare from your suppliers and partners. EGYM’s marketing portal also offers print and download options from flyers to social media posts to assist! 

2. Copy 

Find out what your members love about your studio and services and communicate exactly that! Short interviews with members or reviews are a great way to learn what they love about your club.

3. Automated Processes 

Plan emails and social media posts in advance, enter them into a tool/app, and have them sent automatically. This saves you daily work, and ensures transparency in the team and forward-looking planning. Also! Don’t forget to use EGYM push notifications via the Branded Member App as a marketing tool to promote engagement between members and your business.

4. Marketing Contact 

In many clubs, managers do marketing and social media on the side. If you want to generate more content we recommend appointing someone from your team to be responsible for marketing topics for a fixed portion of their working hours.

5. Professional Photographs

A professional photo shoot and, ideally, a video shoot are essential for website appearances. While they are expensive, there should be enough content you can use for 1-2 years. Pro tip: Use your employees as models if possible.

6. Google Business Profile

Make sure you have created a Google My Business page. Always keep it up to date with new pictures, opening times, and contact details. Keep an eye on your reviews, and respond professionally to negative and positive comments.

7. Email Marketing 

Collect email addresses or “opt-ins” at events, parties, promotions, etc. Then regularly inform your audience with news from the club and campaigns to turn interested prospects into members.

8. Press

Book ads in local online and/or print magazines. Send newsworthy press releases to your local press outlets to spread awareness.

9. Local Partnerships 

Partner with restaurants, cafes, apartment buildings, and participate in local events, trade fairs, and openings such as schools, department stores, city festivals, etc in your area.

10. Employees

Your employees are a great marketing resource and a sales channel. With the right sales training and, if necessary, commission models, opportunities to promote your business can be reflected through them.

11. Giveaways 

Increase sharing and awareness with giveaways. Offer trial memberships or merchandise such as tote bags, lanyards, etc., and give them away or raffle them off as part of a promotion.



Social Media Tips

To improve your social media performance for your club, we have put together even more detailed tips for you:

1. Aesthetics

Create a strong brand and a positive experience for your gym members and followers on social media. Present your amenities and training equipment - show the advantages of your gym and what you have to offer. Followers want to be entertained, so keep your content short, concise, and exciting.

2. Interaction

Interact regularly with your followers on social media. Reply to direct messages, comments, and like posts. This will build a community and encourage users to share more content from and about your club (for example: UGC).

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is content created by users, in your case by followers, trainers, or members. The content, in the form of images or videos, is published by the user themselves on social media. You can find content about your club by searching by hashtag, location, or tag. You can then publish this on your channels using repost apps.

4. Added value

Offer followers added value so that they follow your account long-term. Share exclusive content on social media - this could be offers, special courses, or simply news from your gym.

5. Influencers

Offer your members additional incentives and turn your community into "influencers" for your club. Don’t forget about motivating your employees and trainers to share their experiences using EGYM by tagging your club on their social media channels as well!

6. Paid Ads

Promote posts for greater reach (limit target group demographic by region, age, interests, etc.).

7. Hashtags

Use specific hashtags that your followers can follow and use in their posts. Also, use generic hashtags like #Fitness #Gym to gain reach.

8. Links

Use links to your website in social media posts. On Instagram, you can add links to your account bio or Instagram stories.

9. Channel Variation

Don't just focus on one social media platform. Create content so that it is suitable for multiple formats or channels. We recommend that you have a presence on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Linkedin.

10. Instagram Story

Don't just post posts in the feed, but also as a story. If you save your stories as a highlight, they will remain visible for longer than 24 hours. A highlight is an integral part of your Instagram account and can be accessed by all users, via your profile, and be categorized such as; amenities, reviews, and pricing.

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