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EGYM Success Story: Impressive Member Bounce Back at Club Kingswood

EGYM Supports Impressive Member Bounce Back at Club Kingswood

Following Covid-19 enforced lockdown, on March 23, 2020 – July 25, 2020, Club Kingswood, an independent 2,800 member multi-facility club in Essex, froze all of its gym memberships with no charge, uncertain of what the effect would be on the future of its membership. Fortunately, 9 weeks post reopening, over 85 per cent of gym members have returned. Here General Manager, Alex Owen, explains the important role EGYM has played in the club’s impressive bounce back.

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“The EGYM Smart Strength Series has been an integral part of our offer since 2019”, explains Alex. “We realized, long before the pandemic, that a well-managed, bespoke, progressive strength training provision could play an important role in the promotion of many health benefits, not just for those who wanted to become physically stronger but a much wider demographic that simply wanted to live a longer, more mobile and fulfilling life.

“EGYM’s automated set up, with visual cadence coaching from the high resolution, integrated screen has enabled us to create a non-intimidating, accessible environment where anybody – even those completely new to strength training and the gym can feel comfortable and able to complete regular, effective and safe resistance programs.

The scientifically based pre-installed training plans such as Metabolic Fit, designed to tackle diabetes and the recently added, Immunity Boost designed to strengthen the body’s defences against infection, also enable our trainers to administer effective, health oriented programs that are progressive, safe and effective without having to fully understand the complex science behind the prescription. These features have enabled us to attract a much more health oriented demographic.

This market segment priorities attendance at our club because they value the contribution our provision is making to their overall quality of life through the promotion of better health. As a result, when we re-opened our doors, in the first month, 83 per cent of our EGYM users returned, despite much of the industry reporting a general trepidation. Now, 9 weeks, post reopening, 86 per cent percentage have returned with an average of 4.9 visits per month.

EGYM has also helped us manage a safe environment through automated on-screen messages, both via the Smart Strength Series and the Branded Members App, that reminds members to wipe down equipment and regular hand sanitisation.  This all helps to improve member confidence that the club is Covid-secure and help us encourage more members to return.

Over the last 18 months, we have introduced the Trainer App and Branded Member Apps, provided as part of EGYM Digital. These provisions have enabled us to provide a wraparound service of care, giving members access to advice and coaching – helping them to maintain exercise habits even when unable to visit the club in person. This provision has helped us maintain relevance to our members and meant that when we were permitted to re-open, a visit became a natural progression.

EGYM has been a significant factor in our club’s post-lockdown bounce back and I am confident that the software driven solution will continue to help us build business resilience moving forwards, thanks to its focus on ‘the everyone’ and its support of health oriented goals.


Originally published on HCM.

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