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Smart Strength Updates

This is an overview of all product updates of the EGYM Smart Strength machines.


    Benefit: Previously, gym members who only used EGYM Smart Strength in Guest Mode were asked to perform a strength test after each login in order to determine the optimal training weight. However, our evaluation has shown that users in guest mode still set the weight themselves despite carrying out the strength test. For this reason, the strength test has been removed from onboarding. Members still have the option to carry out a strength test before starting a workout. 

    Added value: By removing an additional step, your members can start working out on Smart Strength even faster, which in turn helps members use your gym more efficiently, improving its overall usage.

    Benefit: Previously, EGYM+ had to be activated individually for each member via the Trainer App, even though EGYM+ is available to all members & EGYM users by default. We have removed this step so that from now on every EGYM user has access to EGYM+ content, such as advanced training methods and programs, by default right from the start. 

    Note: Trainers still need to approve changes to the training program.

    Added value: By eliminating the additional activation step via the Trainer App, we’ve optimized the operational process flow in your club and reduced the number of possible service requests.


      A total of three changes have been introduced: 

      • Intro to strength test (1)
      • The first strength test always consists of three measurements (2) 
      • The strength test can be completed after one measurement only (3)


      1) During onboarding, the user is informed before the strength test that the strength measurement will now take place. The user is also informed that his or her training weight is calculated based on the strength test result.


      2) In addition, three consecutive strength measurements are now suggested at each device introduction/onboarding – regardless of how the user is first introduced to EGYM Smart Strength.

      Previously, the three tests were only available in EGYM Mode after Smart Onboarding at the Fitness Hub. Now this is also standard in Trainer Mode via the Fitness Hub or activation and instruction only by the trainer. With the three measurements, it is possible to determine the optimum training weight for each user group.


      3) If three measurements in succession are not possible, e.g. because a member cannot perform several tests, it is now possible to skip the remaining strength tests after the first strength measurement. The training weight is then calculated on the basis of the first result. 

      The "Cancel" button changes to "Skip" when one test is performed. The user can use the machine if "Cancel" is selected before the first test. The next time they log in, they will be prompted to perform a force test again - until at least one measurement has been performed. 

      Important: All subsequent strength measurements are single tests with no further repetitions – even if the user skipped the second or third test during onboarding.

      Added value: The three measurements enable all user groups to determine their optimum training weight on the EGYM Smart Strength equipment. The strength measurement is an isokinetic strength test. This means that the force is measured over the entire range of motion during a single concentric movement at a constant speed. Our advanced technology enables detailed control of force and speed. During each single concentric repetition, the force is measured over the entire range using different algorithms. The maximum over the entire range is the final result that the user receives on the display.

      A threshold value of 70% of the user's last measurement is also applied to ensure sufficient preload in the test. It is therefore advisable to repeat the strength test three times, as this allows the device to adapt optimally to the user's individual force development, and the ideal resistance of the device can be set during the measurement. This method ensures a safe and comparable strength measurement. You can find more information on the strength test here.



        Benefit: From now on, your members can not only set the number of repetitions and the training weight per set and training method in the Individual training mode, but also select the desired live feedback: As in Auto Mode, the EGYM curve provides additional support during exercise execution. The EGYM bar allows complete freedom in exercise execution and additional motivation with every repetition. Good to know: The EGYM bar is always preset by default in the Individual training mode. 

        What should your trainers keep in mind?
        Depending on the member's experience level, the EGYM curve (more guidance) or the EGYM bar (more freedom) is a better feedback visualisation during training. For members who, for example, are just switching from circuit mode to open mode on the free training floor, we recommend starting with the familiar EGYM curve in auto mode and then gradually approaching training with the EGYM bar in individual training mode over further training sessions.

        Value: With the additional setting option, experienced members can adjust their training even better to their fitness level and flexibly modify it as desired. The desired live feedback can be selected individually per machine and training method: For example, the leg extension can be performed with the EGYM curve and the lat pulldown with the EGYM bar.

        Benefit: Previously, Gameday could only be explored on Smart Strength machines in the familiar Guest Mode. We have extended the functionality of Gameday so that members with an existing EGYM account can also use Gameday by default when logged in. 

        Added value: Members of the club who are already EGYM users can directly try out Gameday when they are logged in. As a result, additional steps such as machine settings or performing the maximum strength test can be skipped and Gameday can be performed directly, as this information is already stored in the user's account. 

        Benefit: It is now possible to configure whether or not Gameday should be enabled in Guest Mode via the Business Suite.

        Note: Gameday is always available for logged-in EGYM users and can only be deactivated for Guest Mode. 

        Added value: The new setting makes it possible for Gameday to be used in more ways. For example, it is possible to activate Gameday in Guest Mode only for certain daytime events (e.g. open gym day) and also to give non-EGYM users the opportunity to try Gameday and discover its added value for their membership.


          Benefit: We have customized the design of the user interface for the strength test so that it matches the color of the user interface in the actual workout. 

          Value: The new design provides members with a consistent user experience throughout their EGYM Smart Strength workout - from the strength test to the actual workout.

          Benefit: The new design for the machine access screen brings two improvements:

          • Members receive direct instructions on the benefits of working out with EGYM. 
          • Members receive instructions on what they need to do to gain access to machines. 

          Value: The new design reduces operational overhead for your trainers and helps you automatically upsell your members to a higher level membership with EGYM.



            Benefit: While performing the 3-step maximum strength test, members are shown the last strength value achieved per step. 

            Value: Provides members with improved user guidance when performing the 3-stage maximum strength test and provides additional motivation in every session.

            Benefit: The new banner visualization provides your members with even better user guidance after achieving a new personal best performance per set. 

            Value: Members are additionally motivated and clearly informed when reaching their set goal. 

            Benefit: Due to an improved estimation of the athlete's physique, the calculation of the activity points are now more precise. We use the body fat percentage and the body weight as the most reliable data points. If the body fat percentage is not available, we still estimate the physique by body weight, height, age and gender. For missing data points, there are new default values in this update. 

            More information on the activity points can be found in our blog article


              Benefit: Your members' will now be further guided through the maximum strength test and additionally receive more precise instructions for even more accurate test results.

              Value: The enhanced guidance ensures a more precise maximum strength value determination by our Smart Strength machine for an even more personalized workout plan creation.

              Benefit: We have reduced the energy consumption of our Smart Strength machines by over 60% through continuous software updates. As a result, the power consumption of an EGYM Smart Strength machine averages only about 43 watts per day.

              Value: Our analysis shows that the power consumption of our Smart Strength machines is mainly influenced by the machine's on/off time, rather than other training-specific complex parameters.  

              For more details on the power consumption of our EGYM machines, check out our separate blog article here.


                Benefit: EGYM Training Bar is available for all four training methods in Open Mode with the latest update. 

                Value: Depending on the individual training goal of your members, they can now workout with the appropriate training method on EGYM Smart Strength in Open Mode and increase their performance even faster. By selecting Individual as the preferred workout mode, your members can use the EGYM training bar for all five training methods and workout without any restrictions on the choice of weight and number of repetitions. 


                Benefit: Users receive a notification on the display as soon as no more activity is detected during a training set. The pop-up message "End of exercise" appears on the display for 10 seconds after no movement is detected by the user on the machine for a certain period of time. Once the user resumes movement within the time window, the message will automatically disappear from the display and the user will return to the actual workout. If the user still does not perform any movement within the 10 seconds, the workout is finished and the user is automatically redirected to the exercise results. Alternatively, the user can jump directly to the exercise results by pressing the "OK" button. 
                Value: Especially during the last repetitions lifting a lot of weight, the user may need to release the weight and take a short break within the set. To avoid the set being aborted unexpectedly, the user will be informed in advance by the pop-up window. 

                Value: Especially during the last repetitions lifting a lot of weight, the user may need to release the weight and take a short break within the set. To avoid the set being aborted unexpectedly, the user will be informed in advance by the pop-up window. 




                  One of the most important load normatives in strength training is stimulus density, i.e., the time ratio of load and recovery phases. Set breaks in strength training play a crucial role and vary greatly depending on the type and intensity of strength training. Some members need more time to switch between exercises to recover from the completed set, clean the strength machine, and log on to a new machine. Therefore, in the future, we will offer you the option to define the default setting of the rest time yourself. 


                  From now on, it is possible to customize the total rest time in the operating Circuit Mode. The rest time in Circuit Mode consists of the time for switching the strength machine and recovering from the completed set. The default rest time is 110 seconds. This time can now be extended. 

                  Note: The rest time may differ from the standard rest time for members in an EGYM+ training program. 

                  Please note that our service team must make the rest time change. You can find the contact details here. Our team will then take care of the changeover. 


                  We introduced our new Open Mode for EGYM Smart Strength a few weeks ago. The new Open Mode allows you to use EGYM Smart Strength not only in a separate area in the synchronized Circuit Mode but also on the free fitness floor, as Open provides maximum flexibility for your members and delivers a perfectly tuned training experience for both beginners and your experienced members.  


                  For gym owners currently using EGYM Smart Strength in Circuit Mode, we offer the option to convert their EGYM Smart Strength machines to our new operating Open Mode. We have summarized the exact differences between Circle Mode and Open Mode for you in a separate blog article.

                  Important: Since conversions from the familiar Circuit Mode to the new Open Mode impact your trainers’ work processes and the training experience of your members, a consultation with one of our concept consultants is mandatory beforehand. 

                  Smart Strength in Circle Mode

                  Smart Strength in Open Mode

                  The following link will take you to our contact area. Our team will be happy to help you. 


                    From now on, EGYM Smart Strength workouts are not only available in the popular Circuit Mode, but also across the entire fitness floor. The newly developed Workout Mode “Open” offers operators the possibility to offer personalized strength training to experienced members. The new workout mode is motivating and offers maximum freedom for individual workout routines. 

                    Learn more about the new Open Mode on EGYM Smart Strength on the product page.



                      With EGYM+ we offer on the one hand the possibility to your members to provide additional personalized training programs on the Smart Strength machines for long-term training successes and on the other hand your club the possibility to generate additional revenues with the help of EGYM+. The result: higher customer satisfaction and economic success within your club at the same time! 


                      Until now, the access to EGYM+ (formerly EGYM Premium) for your members was "hidden" behind the menu icon ( ☰ ). With the upcoming software update, this option will move further into the foreground and will be much more visible under the name of the logged-in member, if they are not yet actively using EGYM+. After pressing the "Try EGYM+" field, the familiar pop-up window will open with additional information on how to activate the trial phase. 

                      What remains the same?

                      • The activation of the trial period can be done either by the trainer or the member himself/herself on the device, depending on the conditions set by the club.
                      • The duration of the trial phase can be defined by your club. 
                      • Type of additional training programs included in EGYM+.


                      Do you need more information about EGYM+? Click here to find all relevant information.


                      With the launch of the Fitness Hub, we've not only revolutionized your members' onboarding experience, but along with that, we've also created new ways to make getting started on our EGYM Smart Strength machines even more flexible. We've made small changes to the Smart Onboarding process in the latest Smart Strength software update, which will affect both your members and trainers.


                      The following improvements are now available for your trainers as well as members:

                      • Trainer: By selecting the EGYM Mode on the Fitness Hub, all EGYM Smart Strength machines are unlocked for the member and automatically adjust to the appropriate training position. Should the trainer still notice during the independent onboarding of his members that the seat settings are not yet optimally adjusted by the Smart Strength machine, he can now access and adjust the machine settings already during the Smart Onboarding by holding his RFID chip to the machine. After the trainer has corrected the seat settings, the Smart Onboarding process starts again from the beginning with the familiar introduction screens on the respective Smart Stength machine. 
                      • Member: The number of first repetitions during the Smart Onboarding process on EGYM Smart Strength (to get used to the machine and the movement sequence ) has been reduced from eight to six repetitions. Afterwards, as before, your member will also have the opportunity to complete a strength test. For more information on the Smart Onboarding process on our Smart Strength machines, click here.



                        With the introduction of Fitness Hub, we can enable new functionality for our Smart Strength machines that enables fast and effortless onboarding of new members.


                        Customers that use the Fitness hub can onboard members in just 2 minutes, EGYM machines are set up automatically, thanks to the latest in machine vision and machine learning. Using the Fitness Hub analysis, all settings for our Smart Strength (and Smart Flex) machines are created automatically to exactly fit the person scanned. During the scan, the staff can keep a safe social distance to comply with increased safety and hygiene demands. Also, the increased speed of this process enables more options for improved processes: Either a seamless group onboarding session or using the time gained for additional personal interaction and services, such as personalized health and fitness consulting.


                        With the introduction of Fitness Hub, we can enable new functionality for our Smart Strength machines that enables more focus on members’ personal needs during onboarding, versus focussing on the standard procedures.


                        For customers that have a Fitness Hub, three things happen when a new member logs in for the first time on a Smart Strength machine after the contactless onboarding with Fitness Hub:

                        1. First, the machine already knows the ideal settings and moves its handles, seat, etc., into the correct position. 
                        2. Second, when used for the first time, a tutorial on the machine’s screens shows what to focus on during an exercise and how to use each machine.

                        3. Third, the machine guides members and teaches them how to conduct strength tests. These integrated strength tests recur periodically. That means they calculate the optimal training weight for a member at that exact moment in time. Consequently, the training weight is always optimally set to the current performance level and training goal, ensuring effective workouts at all times.

                        This way, the tedious operational part of the onboarding process is fully automated and leaves staff much more time for value-adding personal interaction and service.