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Smart Strength For Experts

Smart Strength motivates advanced and expert exercisers to perform at their best and sets completely new workout stimuli.

Work out the Way You Want

All the freedom of conventional strength equipment that experienced users appreciate, plus all the benefits of our Smart Strength machines that other equipment doesn't offer.

New: Individual Workouts for Experts

Our completely redesigned "Individual" workout mode gives experienced members the freedom to work out exactly how it suits their individual preferences. With the EGYM Bar, experts also get live feedback tailored specifically to their needs. "Individual" allows total freedom without a preset range of motion or tension duration.

Free choice of all workout parameters (weight, method & reps).

Advanced workout routines, such as pyramid training or drop sets, are stored and preset.

With our smart weights, even experts get stronger faster than with conventional weights.

The EGYM Bar: Motivating live feedback promotes steady progression.

The maximum strength test illustrates the current performance level and training progress.

Maximum Freedom for Even More Effective Workouts

We have developed "Individual" for advanced and expert users, a completely new workout experience that combines more effective training with a highly motivating user interface.

Workout mode: Individual

In contrast to the Auto mode for beginners, "Individual" offers more experienced users the opportunity to design their workouts with total freedom. All workout parameters can be easily adjusted to suit individual requirements, and exercisers have access to live feedback specially designed for their needs.

With motivating live feedback

The EGYM Bar enables full freedom without a pre-set range of motion or tension duration. Weight moved during the last session is displayed compared to the current set. And animations motivate to achieve a new best during each set during the workout.

Supports any workout routine

"Individual" supports your members in their workout routine. Repetitions, weights, and training methods are easily adjusted for each set, automatically saved, and preset again for the next session, making advanced routines, like pyramid training or drop sets, possible.

Get Stronger Faster

Our advanced training methods - smart weights with built-in sports science insights - make it possible to use completely new stimuli to work out more effectively than conventional weights.









How Experts Get Started With EGYM

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