EGYM: Diabetes Training Program Shows Positive Results

EGYM’s Diabetes Training Program Shows Positive Results

Here we present a summary of the results of the nationwide German six-month diabetes study using EGYM Smart Strength machines. In summary, it can be said that EGYM’s diabetes training program has a very positive effect on the health of Type 2 diabetes patients.

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Positive correlations between workouts on EGYM Smart Strength machines and long-term blood glucose level (HbA1c)

The study carried out by EGYM in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the Diabetes and Sport working group investigated the correlation between a special diabetes training program on EGYM Smart Strength machines and the effects on important disease parameters among the test subjects. The long-term blood glucose level (HbA1c level) was used as the most meaningful parameter.

Significant reduction in HbA1c level towards the normal range

The study was carried out over a period of six months in EGYM partner studios and health centers.

The so-called HbA1c level was used as an indicator of average blood glucose concentrations.


As the chart shows, the test subjects’ value at the start of the study (T 1) was 7.6 on average. At the final measurement (T 3) after six months, this value had clearly fallen towards the normal range at 6.8.

Weight loss and frequency of training affect the reduction in the HbA1c level

Moreover, in the course of the study, an improvement in body weight, as well as hip & waist circumference, was observed. Analyses show that both weight loss and training frequency are connected to the reduction of the HbA1c level. The more frequently the test subjects trained, the greater the influence of the workout on the reduction of the long-term blood glucose level.

Test subjects increased their maximum strength levels by 38%

As well as the direct effects on their diabetes, it was also apparent that the test subjects increased their maximum strength levels during the intervention of the sports on all eight exercise machines by a remarkable 38% on average.

The bottom line of the results is the fact that EGYM has managed to transfer the controlled training conditions from previous studies to the mass market.

The EGYM Smart Strength Metabolic Fit training program

The Metabolic Fit training program was developed specifically for Type 2 diabetes patients. The design of the program took account of the knowledge already acquired in previous studies and transferred it to the software-controlled EGYM training system.

The Metabolic Fit training program enjoys all the benefits of the intelligent EGYM training system, such as the automatic periodisation of a training session and the regular measurements of strength to adjust the training weight. In this way, the test subjects complete a methodical and systematic workout that follows the latest scientific findings.

The optimum workout for Type 2 diabetes patients is designed around long lifting durations and a high number of reps and starts with a four-week acclimatisation period. The study prescribed eight strength exercises, such as leg presses, lat pulldowns or chest presses, so that all the major muscle groups were exercised.

Study structure in detail

The study was scheduled to run for six months, during which time the test subjects were required to complete the prescribed exercises two to three times a week. The training program could only be started with a trainer. Trainers were also available during the study and carried out selected tests with the test subjects at regular intervals. Different fitness parameters were measured, such as maximum strength levels, body weight, and waist circumference. Vital signs such HbA1c value or blood pressure were monitored in the cooperating doctor’s surgeries. These parameters were measured at three different points (at the start, after three months, and at the end after six months).

This is what the test subjects said about the diabetes training program

“[…] after about two months a clear training effect and feel-good effect set in.”

“Your inquiry into this program has totally changed my life. Thank you!”

“Participating in the study made it clear to me what a positive influence exercise has on my health".

“Training with EGYM was very good as I found the design of the circuit and the relatively easy use of the different machines very appealing, particularly due to the automatic configuration to my personal wishes. It doesn’t take much time to complete the circuit. This meant I was able to complete my program in a short period of time (mainly after work). The regular prompts to measure my strength kept ‘pushing’ me onwards. The information about my performance level through the use of the EGYM app, as well as the option to input additional sports (outside: e.g. my regular bike rides or swimming), were all very helpful. Lastly, the ability to view the ranking table, the biological age, and the level status constantly spurred me on to stick with it! It was worth it and was a lot of fun! I have therefore already signed up for further health training over a longer period of time!”