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Athletic: EGYM Training Program

Boost your athletic performance with the Athletic training program. The unique combination of training methods improves your resilience under intense strain and optimises your performance.

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“Citius, altius, fortius” is the motto of the Olympic Games, translated into English as “faster, higher, stronger”. Every ambitious athlete wants to jump further and higher, run faster, be the toughest opponent, hit harder. The EGYM Athletic training program aims to optimise your individual athletic skills.

Athletic training is made up of the following major components.

1. Maximum power during training
Short, high intensity units maximise our performance and the strength of our muscles, and allow us to utilise more muscle capacity.

2. Explosive strength development during training
High speeds and maximum strain help you gain strength in the minimum time possible (explosive strength).

Strength is a major component of the Athletic training program. Scientifically, strength is defined as the basic force that influences the additional forces known as power and endurance. In other words: the greater your strength, the better you can train your power and endurance. A typical athletics program often includes very intense units such as sprints and jumps. However, those engaging in this type of training have a high risk of injury.

The EGYM Athletic training program offers you a highly efficient alternative for training your athletic skills without a running track: circuit training using EGYM machines.

The EGYM Athletic training program takes the two types of training listed above and integrates them into our EGYM machine training program. Our training programs are divided into different phases to provide the optimal training stimulus at exactly the right time, based on your goals and the progress you have made. Each phase begins by measuring your strength, in order to continuously adjust the training weight to your individual needs.

The Four Phases of the Athletic Training Program

Phase 1: Robustness (negative)

Boost muscle robustness

In the initial phase, we create the ideal conditions for the following phases by strengthening the muscles and increasing robustness. Your muscles can exert more power during eccentric contraction than during concentric contraction. We make use of this principle during negative training: while we build muscles using high intensity training and an average number of repetitions, the additional weight during the eccentric phase optimises both the number of active muscle fibres and the systematic way they cooperate (intramuscular coordination).

Phase 2: Power (explonic)

Maximum power

Explonic training is carried out using medium loads at maximum speeds. The relatively low weight encourages peak muscle performance. Power training allows you to transform your strength into speed, a transformation that is the foundation of athletic performance. This phase optimises your neuromuscular system, allowing you to control more muscle fibres at a time. Your strength improves without any increase in muscle mass. The better your muscles and nerves are able to work together (muscle fibre activation), the more powerful your muscles are.

Phase 3: Muscle building (isokinetic)

Improve muscle mass

The goal of the third phase is to build muscle. The isokinetic training method is perfect, as it allows full muscle utilisation in each joint position, strengthening your muscles across their full range of motion. The tough training is worth it: the muscles are better able to withstand intense and sustained stress, thanks to significant improvement in the development of muscle mass and power.

Phase 4: Power (explonic)

Maximum explosiveness

In the final phase, we return to explonic training. We use the progress from the previous phases to move larger weights even more quickly. By improving your performance, you are able to fully utilise your muscle potential, and perfect the explosive power of your muscles by generating force against the resistance offered by the machine at maximum speed.

The ultramodern and innovative training program improves your muscles’ performance and strength, without focusing on muscle growth. That means that alongside building muscle, you will also be improving your strength and focusing on explosively contracting your muscles.