EGYM Training Program General Fitness

General Fitness: EGYM Training Program

The General Fitness training program provides a gentle, well-balanced strength training program that improves all the most important metrics, such as strength endurance, muscle growth, and the cardiovascular system.

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What’s the old saying? “A rolling stone gathers no moss”? Maintaining general fitness is not easy, especially for those who usually work sitting down. Our General Fitness training program is the perfect way to maintain fitness and vitality, with a special training program designed precisely for that purpose.

The following are important parts of the general fitness training program:

  1. Holistic training for well balanced strength: full body training means training all muscle groups as equally as possible. The goal is to prevent muscular imbalances, or to even out muscular imbalances already present in the body.
  2. Slowly increasing the intensity of strength training: to begin, strength endurance training is used to activate the muscles and tendons and limber up the joints. The intensity is then slowly ramped up as the program continues.
  3. Endurance training to improve the cardiovascular system: you have to train more than just your muscles – the cardiovascular system is also incredibly important for your health. Targeted endurance training keeps your heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy and significantly reduces the risk of illness.

Classic training programs designed to improve overall fitness usually recommend strength endurance training (20 repetitions and 3–6 sets), and then a separate endurance training session. However, this takes a lot of time and doesn’t provide effective variations in training stimuli.

We offer a modern training approach with innovative periodisation and methods: circuit training.

The circuit promotes uniform muscle growth while also optimising the cardiovascular system.

In addition, we at EGYM divide our training programs into phases that build on one another (periodisation), in order to ensure the optimal training stimulus at exactly the right time, depending on your progress. This allows you to slowly, systematically increase training intensity. Each phase begins by measuring your strength, in order to continuously adjust the training weight to your individual needs.

The Four Phases of the General Fitness Training Program

Phase 1: Endurance (regular)

Gentle introduction to basics

Regular training creates the initial foundation for further training progress. Low intensity and a large number of repetitions activate the muscles, improve supply of vital resources to your muscles, and limber up the joints. In addition, the regular method is particularly good for training the cardiovascular system.

Phase 2: Muscle building (adaptive)

Improve performance and build muscles

The second phase uses the adaptive training method. This is somewhat more intensive than the regular training method. Conventional muscle building stops after just a few repetitions, as the muscles can no longer handle the weight. But adaptive training is different. Despite the high intensity at the start, you will be able to keep training, because the weight is automatically adjusted to match the remaining muscle potential for each repetition. This keeps the muscles healthy while still allowing you to train until completely exhausted, providing optimal stimulus for muscle growth. The balance between the high intensity and high number of repetitions increases both muscle size and definition.

Phase 3: Robustness (negative)

Strengthen muscles

The main focus of the negative training method is on strengthening the musculature. As a general rule: your muscles can exert more power in the eccentric phase (lowering) than in the concentric phase (lifting). The negative training method takes advantage of this. By adding additional weight in the eccentric movement phase, it further challenges your muscles and increases robustness.

Phase 4: Strength (explonic)

Improve explosive strength

In the final step, we use the explonic training method. This is the most rapid training phase. The progress made in the preceding phases helps us to master the rapid pace. Using the ultramodern explonic training method, we help the muscles to transform the strength you have gained into speed. This is incredibly useful, no matter who you are. Some practical applications include avoiding a fall by quickly activating your leg muscles or preventing performance loss during sports as you age.

The EGYM General Fitness training program, carried out on our workout equipment, combines four effective training methods in a single program. By combining different training stimuli, you improve more than just your everyday capabilities, you also add to your fundamental well-being. That’s how strength training improves your general fitness.