EGYM Genius: Fully-connected, AI-powered training plans.

Fully-connected, personalised AI training plans that adapt to gyms and members. This is fitness like never before.

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Fitness so smart, it's genius.

EGYM Genius uses cutting-edge AI to make the entire gym floor even smarter. Genius integrates leading fitness brands into a single training experience and creates hyper-personalised training plans for members that adapt to their goals, fitness levels and to all the equipment available in your gym. It makes your trainers more efficient, makes even analogue machines smart and motivates your members to come back, again and again.

How does EGYM Genius work?

EGYM Genius uses 7 billion workout data points, 340 million assessment data points and over a decade of sports science expertise to create training plans for members.

EGYM is an industry-wide training guidance system with the largest database in the fitness sector, and it’s constantly growing. Equipment data from over 200 leading fitness brands and thousands of clubs worldwide are seamlessly connected in EGYM's open platform. This means that Genius too continues to grow exponentially and becomes even smarter and more precise the more it is used.

Genius uses this data to create hyper-personalised, goal-driven training plans for members that deliver real results. Operators simply input their gym’s full machine inventory into the business suite – including both smart and analogue machines. Genius then uses this to generate daily workouts for members based on their individual fitness level, goals and performance.

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EGYM Genius makes the training experience in your gym simple.

Scan it: Members start with their smart onboarding at the Fitness Hub, where they input their goals, fitness level and complete a body composition analysis.

Work it: In the Branded Member App, trainers or members can generate a personalised training plan which combines cardio, strength and flexibility exercises on all kinds of equipment. Genius provides weight recommendations and settings for over 3000 exercises and offers varied training challenges that keep motivation high and training plateaus low.

Track it: Workout data is then tracked in the Branded Member App and the next workout is adapted accordingly.

Repeat: Thanks to workouts that continuously adapt to progress, members stay motivated to keep training in the gym and pursuing their goals.

Benefits for your gym.

  • With Genius, benefit from increased revenue through more member signups, lower dropout rates and stronger member loyalty
  • You’ll optimise staff workflows for sustainable success by enabling trainers to be more efficient, allowing for scalable member support and increased operational efficiency. 
  • Plus, with access to the AI’s ever-expanding knowledge base, your trainers will be able to provide improved customer care and generate high-quality training plans in just a few clicks.
  • For your members, this means hyper-personalised training plans and effective, goal-driven workouts across the entire gym with visual progress tracking and adaptability features to keep progress and motivation high.

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