EGYM Training Program Muscle Building

Muscle Building: EGYM Training Program

Make muscle building your goal, and discover how easy it is as you watch your muscles grow. This optimum series of high intensity training sessions constantly presents your muscles with new growth stimuli. Your muscles will never be bored again with so much growing to take care of!

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A muscular body is seen by many to be the epitome of manliness, attractiveness, and strength – attributes that many men (and women) strive for. But for most of us, unfortunately, achieving these looks requires a bit of effort.

Several factors contribute to successful fitness training: a suitable training schedule, perseverance, and, depending on your body type, different types of training, and nutrition. Here we’d like to tell you about the sports science behind the EGYM Muscle Building training program.

Two key factors contribute to muscle growth:

  1. Nutrition – ingredients and time: targeted nutrition is essential for an effective muscle-building program. The body requires the right amount of suitable elements to build up muscle. You must eat at the right time and consume an optimal ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
  2. High-intensity strength training: If your goal is muscle building, the most critical element is maximum utilisation of your muscles during strength training – i.e., each set should continue until total exhaustion (muscles give out), or even continue past this point using intensity techniques.

In classic training plans, these goals are usually achieved using a static pattern of 3–5 sets with 8–12 repetitions and a weight that represents approximately 70–80% of your maximum strength.

The new EGYM technology offers much more effective training methods and optimised training programs so that you can fully utilise your muscles with a single training method while simultaneously maintaining muscle growth over the long term. Simultaneously, strength training following the circuit principle helps you achieve the endurance you need to handle the intense load on the cardiovascular system.

All EGYM training programs are divided into different phases and optimise periodisation to provide the optimal training stimulus at precisely the right time based on the progress you have made. Each phase begins by measuring your strength to adjust the training weight to your progress continuously.

The Four Phases of the Muscle Building Training Program

Phase 1: Robustness (negative)

Getting set up

The first training phase increases muscle robustness, and optimally prepares you for the subsequent training phases. Increasing the weight in the eccentric phase allows the musculature to acclimatise to the high intensity in play during negative training. One decisive advantage of the EGYM circuit training system is that this also improves your strength endurance, thus creating the ideal requirements for the high-intensity training in the succeeding phases.

Phase 2: Muscle Building (adaptive)

Primary goal muscle-building – increasing muscle profile

Adaptive training is based on the High Intensity Training (Drop-Sets) method. In this training method, the muscles are trained above their intrinsic performance limits by automatically adjusting the weight based on the fatigue of the muscle. This ensures the muscle potential has been completely exhausted by the end of the session. This is achieved by simultaneously activating as many muscle fibers as possible. ‘Dormant’ muscle fibers are activated and existing muscle fibers grow. This peak stimulus guarantees the greatest possible training success: your strength increases, and your muscles grow.

Phase 3: Strength (explonic)

Increase power and strength

In phase 3, we train with maximum intensity. Explonic training enhances the training goal by targeting a similar muscle fiber type, while offering variation in the training to maximise power and strength. A larger muscle can produce more force, generally. These gains are produced through the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) at the muscle level. Now you have a larger AND more powerful muscle priming you to finish your program in the fourth phase.

Phase 4: Muscle Building (adaptive)

Maximum muscle building

In the final phase, we return to adaptive training. In the previous phases, we created the requirements for maximum utilisation of the muscles. By increasing strength, you can improve even further and continue to build muscles. The increase in intensity activates additional muscle fibers and continues to improve the strength and size of your muscles.

All in all, the EGYM Muscle Building training program offers you an ultramodern, innovative training method for quickly and efficiently building muscles and continually increasing your strength. The training program automatically adjusts to match your performance level, with visible results that motivate you to keep improving.