Infographic: This Is How Much Electricity EGYM Machines Really Consume

Resource-saving production and sustainable development have always been part of our DNA. From the very beginning, EGYM equipment has been equipped with industry-leading energy efficiency - which is paying off now more than ever. The dramatic rise in energy prices in the wake of the Ukraine war is also placing a considerable burden on the fitness industry. That's why now is the best time to invest in EGYM equipment - you can save masses of energy while achieving a faster return on investment.

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The EGYM Energy Philosophy

As our customer, you naturally know that the performance of your equipment is constantly improving. Thanks to regular software updates, new training methods, a motivating user interface and a more effective isokinetic force measurement there is continuous added value of your machines.

What you might not have noticed until now: Over the years, we have also reduced the nominal energy consumption of our Smart Strength equipment by over 60% through hardware and software improvements!

Average Power Consumption of EGYM Machines

For example, EGYM Smart Strength machines are equipped with an internal energy buffer that captures a significant portion of the energy generated by the user during the concentric phase and uses that same energy to "push back" during the eccentric phase of a workout.

Therefore, the power consumption of a "typical" EGYM Smart Strength device averages only around 43 watts throughout the day.

There are many parameters to consider when calculating specific energy consumption at the equipment level, such as the type of equipment, the hours it is switched on and off, the training weight, the training method, the training goal and the equipment load.

That is why we have read out our cloud data for a statistical analysis and thus come to a very practical statement on the average energy consumption of our devices during typical use:


Average energy consumption - Taking into account standby times and typical training usage


Average energy consumption per day- Assumption: typical operating time of 16h per day

Smart Strength

~ 43 watts

~ 0.67 kWh

Smart Flex

~ 12 watts

~ 0.19 kWh

Fitness Hub

~ 57 watts

~ 0.91 kWh

Average power consumption of an EGYM device during typical use or operating time.

What Do These Figures Mean in the Context of Other Typical Power Consumption?

  • The power consumption of an EGYM appliance is comparable to a powerful LED light bulb.
  • One washing machine cycle consumes as much energy as five typical Smart Flex appliances in a day. (Depends on the type of washing machine, programme used etc. Example used: ~1 kWh per wash cycle)
  • One treadmill can use as much energy as four Smart Strength or 16 Smart Flex devices. (Depends on brand and type of treadmill and usage: Average power consumption in use: ~700 watts / Average power consumption in standby ~70 watts / In use for ~20% of time on / Average power on: 196 W)
  • A seven-minute hot shower consumes as much energy as using an EGYM Smart Strength Machine for about three and a half days. (Duration seven minutes / ten litres per minute / ~ 0.035 kWh per litre = 2.45 KWh per shower)
  • A heating sauna is comparable to 200 EGYM Smart Strength machines switched on. (Depends on many parameters of the sauna: Used in the example: 8.5 kW sauna)
  • Brewing a cup of tea requires the same amount of energy as seven typical training sets on EGYM Smart Strength. (Start temperature 20° Celsius / no ideal boiler efficiency / ~ 28 Wh energy per cup)

How Can I Save Energy With EGYM Equipment?

Our analysis shows that the power consumption of our devices is mainly influenced by the on and off time of the machine and not so much by all other training-specific complex parameters.

Therefore, it is most effective to turn off the EGYM equipment when it is not in use, e.g. when your facility is closed, to reduce power consumption. Please note that the units should always be disconnected from the mains via the unit's own toggle switch (not the main fuse).

Note: Any automation of the shutdown cycle of your EGYM units should be carefully planned and implemented by a certified electrician, following the conditions and regulations outlined in our installation documentation.

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