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Find out how the team at the Glattpark Fitness Park, part of the Migros Group, has succeeded since the introduction of EGYM+ in offering an enhanced membership with significant added value to members who do not wish to attend courses. And successfully so: More than half of all members now choose the higher membership option including EGYM+.

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Short profile: Glattpark Fitness Park

The Glattpark Fitness Park, a member of the Migros Group, is a premium studio located to the north of Zurich. Distinguished with the Qualitop seal of approval for high standards in the promotion of exercise and health, as well as a superbly equipped training zone covering more than 1,400m2, the Glattpark Fitness Park is a real flagship studio. Enhanced by qualified advice and support, as well as a complete exercise and relaxation concept based on the latest scientific findings, the Glattpark Fitness Park offers the optimal conditions for getting the most out of your training.

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An interview with Valeria Leone (Head of Fitness)

The challenges

#1 Attract more members for higher membership
The monthly subscription structure for memberships is still relatively new in Switzerland. Memberships were traditionally paid for in advance in Switzerland, usually for one year. In addition to the Migros FitnessCard that is valid for all Swiss Migros facilities, the Glattpark Fitness Park has two levels of membership on offer: "FIT" and "FIT Plus". Both memberships allow the use of EGYM Smart Strength and Smart Flex machines. "FIT Plus" also offered the opportunity to attend courses before the introduction of EGYM+. Some members do not feel the need to attend courses, which is why they consistently opted for the lighter "FIT" membership. The aim was to therefore make the "FIT Plus" membership even more attractive and relevant to those members who do not wish to attend courses. As a result, EGYM+ was integrated as an additional component of the "Fit Plus" membership.

#2 Standing out from the local competition
The competitive situation in the attractive area of northern Zurich is not without significance. There are more than a handful of other studios in the direct vicinity of the Glattpark Fitness Park alone, from discounters to premium studios. Being a high-quality and award-winning premium studio, the main aim was to stand out even more significantly from the local competition.

The solution

The memberships
"The introduction of EGYM+ has enabled us to offer a higher membership with significant added value to those members who aren't really keen on attending courses," explains Valeria. In this case, EGYM+ is only included in the higher "FIT Plus" membership level at the Fitness Park, and specifically not included in special memberships such as monthly or summer passes. This genuine customer benefit is therefore exclusively reserved for the preferred "FIT Plus" membership and the attractiveness of this tariff is enhanced: "By launching EGYM+, we have been able to significantly increase the customer benefit for all members within the "FIT Plus" membership," says Valeria. Technical implementation in the Glattpark Fitness Park is via the member management software (MMS): This version of EGYM+ is directly linked to the respective membership in the MMS and is therefore automatically activated for a member in the "FIT Plus" tariff.
"EGYM+ allows us to offer real added value to our customers, because it is easy to use, very effective and gives them the opportunity to train in a targeted manner within a short time."

How do you explain EGYM+ to your members?
Valeria and her team shows all interested parties the EGYM units during the sales tour through the studio: "The first sales talk gives the prospective customer an idea of what the training experience might be like and how our studio stands out from the competition. In this respect, EGYM+ gives us the unique opportunity to make a good impression and to show what special added value a new member could gain with us -- and that in the form of an authentic experience! Training with EGYM+ in a targeted manner and demonstrating the various training methods is something that really captivates everyone!"

How can all that be done in the real world?
Valeria and the team created a "Mr. EGYM" account and placed this RFID band at the counter, accessible for all trainers. The band can then easily be used to demonstrate EGYM+ to members or prospective customers and have them experience it for themselves. All you have to do is adjust the body height with the EGYM Trainer App and let the member test a machine: "Of course, this isn't ideal, but at the end of the day it's just a demonstration, not a long-term training plan," Valeria tells us.

The results

For the Glattpark Fitness Park
"For sure, half of our members, probably even more, use EGYM+"

  • Higher proportion of Plus memberships: "Since EGYM+ has also been part of the 'FIT Plus' membership, we have noticed that considerably more members are opting for the enhanced membership."
  • Increased loyalty for Plus memberships: "We have also observed that significantly more members will remain over the long term even in this higher membership level: most members thinking about switching to the lower membership level soon change their mind when they realise that they would lose EGYM+."
  • Enquiries from existing customers: "Some members see the training methods that other members are using that are only available in EGYM+ and upgrade to the higher level of membership during the year. This type of direct customer enquiry in the studio does of course always bring with it a good sales opportunity for us."
  • Enquiries from new customers: "Some new customers even come to the studio and ask specifically for EGYM and EGYM+."

For members of the Glattpark Fitness Park

"As a trainer, it goes without saying that I am especially pleased that trainees 'complain' that training with EGYM+ is 'more strenuous'", Valeria shares with us enthusiastically. Men in particular favour the Explonic training method. The members would see the training of high-speed strength as a challenge and regularly asked whether this method could not be used more frequently. "Of course, this is exactly what goes down very well - effective training that is fun - our customers are delighted with the varied training programme aimed at their individual training goals with EGYM+," enthuses the passionate trainer.
“(..) effective training that is fun - our customers are delighted”

Other experiences & endorsements

"If we were given the chance to reintroduce EGYM and EGYM+ based on our current level of knowledge, we would also start directly with EGYM+." The Glattpark Fitness Park initially only started with the EGYM Smart Strength machines. "Since humans are also creatures of habit when it comes to fitness, some customers did of course have to get used to the new training methods at first, but they value them very highly" and this would ultimately give Valeria and the team the opportunity to share knowledge with explanations.