Imke Salander: “EGYM Genius is the complete fitness experience”

Fitness influencer, moderator and presenter, Imke Salander gave us her thoughts on the latest EGYM innovations at this year’s FIBO.

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My journey in fitness began back in 2006. I've always loved trying out new training methods. From the age of six, I've been actively involved in sports, blending cardio and strength training, even when people would tell me to choose one or the other.

What sets me apart, I think, is that I try to make exercise fun. It's not just about weights and crunches; it's about enjoying a variety of sports and activities and learning new things. One of my passions is trying out the latest training methods and discovering new ways to move my body. 

“Genius is truly revolutionary” 

When it comes to varied and effective training, EGYM Genius is truly revolutionary. It provides personalised training plans tailored to individual goals, incorporating everything from EGYM machines to outdoor activities – I’ve never seen anything like it. I like how EGYM is not just about the machines; it's about the complete fitness experience and Genius enables this like never before. With Genius, you have access to the perfect training plan for your goals and fitness level, incorporating all aspects of your gym routine.

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“A total gamechanger” 

And then, there’s the new Hip Thrust machine too – it’s a total gamechanger. Being fully automated, it ensures that the exercise is perfectly adjusted to your body, making it more effective and efficient, as well as much safer. When you eliminate the guesswork and risks of an exercise, it makes it much more accessible for people and means that they can actually achieve the results they want to see. 

EGYM's innovations are truly transforming the fitness industry. From personalized training plans to cutting-edge equipment like the M19 Hip Thrust machine, EGYM is empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals like never before and I’m excited to see what comes next!

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