The 3 Most Expensive Gym Memberships in the World

How much would you pay for a gym membership every month? Perhaps $50 or maybe $200 if you're willing to interact with a broader pool of trainers. What do you think $1,000 would achieve? Private classes with gym instructors for yoga, cardio, biking, marathons, and weight lifting? Well, now imagine what $2,500 a month gets you- not a smart bike or multiuse gym equipment, but a gym membership. Here are the three most expensive gyms in the world.

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Wellness Sky 

The Wellness Sky is a luxury gym located in Belgrade, Serbia. To join the gym, members need to pay a $30,000 membership fee. The price provides access to one of the most architecturally pristine buildings in the country. Wellness Sky, also known as the "Danube Flower," was a luxury restaurant, commissioned around the 1970s. The building is a landmark, shaped like a floating pyramid. 

Unfortunately, the restaurant collapsed in the 1990s, along with the collapse of the governments. For around 15 years, the building remained unused and in a deplorable state. However, later two firms came together and rehabilitated the building for use as a gym. The building is spacious, well-lit, and gives visitors the illusion of entering a cloud. 

The building incorporates symmetrical arrangements and geometric shapes, along with backlit panels to create the cloud illusion. There are spacious changing rooms for men and women, aerobics spaces, a massage room, a whirlpool, a sauna, and a café. 

Besides the classic interiors, visitors also enjoy exquisite views of the river and the city. Since the main triangular section of the building towers around 15 meters above the ground and has glass windows, gym members can enjoy uninterrupted views of their surroundings. 

Gym members have access to equipment and trainers in a calm and beautiful environment, which is excellent for their workouts. The gym is also spacious and great for scenery.

The gym also has a cloud platform, known as MyWellnessCloud, a gym app, and smart equipment to help with training. It also has different training packages and offers personal and duo training, which is excellent for training partners. The spa provides several treatments, including relaxation massage, sports massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, and candle massage.


For $30,000 for one year, you can access EXOS in Phoenix, Arizona. The gym was previously known as Athletes' Performance because it focuses on getting wealthy athletes into shape. So what does $2,500 for one month of training get you with EXOS? 

First, the gym is centered on human research and analytics. The programs, buildings, and even apps are designed with a human-centric approach. The gym focuses on consultations to help pro athletes achieve their highest potential. The facilities are top-notch, with space, greenery, and the latest equipment to help with training. 

The trainers and researchers focus on data and analysis to help athletes train depending on their bodies' responses. Since all gym members cannot train within the grounds, EXOS Journey is a software designed to track members during their training and store data for analysis. The application provides access to monitoring features, wellness information, articles, videos, live-coach sessions, and webinars. 

The company also has smart gym equipment under EXOS ESD Technology. The flagship encompasses their cardio machines that track users during their workouts and automatically store their information. The equipment also displays workout intervals tailored for the specific gym member to help them attain their training goals. 

With EXOS, you can also enjoy a complete structural analysis to point out faults in your skeletal and muscular systems. For pro-athletes, the early detection of any injuries is critical to ensure that a healing and strengthening program begins right away. 

Gym members also receive personalised training depending on their goals, and a dietitian who analyses their meals and creates a suitable meal plan. Nutrition plans also include healthy supplements, such as multivitamins and probiotics. After intense training sessions, members also enjoy a relaxation period with therapeutic massages to help with healing.  

The gym also partners with other brands such as Adidas, NFL, Intel, and the American College of Sports and Medicine to deliver the best programs and training for athletes, especially during off-seasons. 

E by Equinox 

E by Equinox is an exclusive gym with several locations, including one on Madison Avenue, New York City. For $26,000 for one year, members have access to excellent training, nutrition, and spa treatments in New York City. In itself, Equinox is a high-end gym chain, with more than 20 centers in Brooklyn and New York, which are accessible to members at a lower price. 

First, the luxury gym doesn't use cards for its members. Instead, they use a retina scanner to sign in. Members have access to private bathrooms, personal care products, and workout apparel. The gym focuses on the overall health of its members, which includes personal training and nutrition. 

Each E by Equinox gym member has access to a Tier 4 instructor- the most experienced trainers the gym can offer. However, despite having a personal trainer, each member is monitored by the team of trainers to yield the best results. The staff create a personalised workout plan, depending on your body goals, and craft an individual meal plan. 

For people that enjoy privacy, paying $26,000 a year allows them to achieve it. For example, the New York location has around 50 members, which significantly limits crowding in the gym. What's more, members enjoy private training sessions, which is excellent for focus by both the trainer and the trainee. 

Members also enjoy Equinox's Fit3D body scan-technology, which provides a 3-D view of their bodies. With this scan, trainers can identify any problems in the body before and during training to ensure maximum health. Members can also access the spa for therapeutic massages during the week to help with relaxation and healing. 

What can we learn?

As a gym operator, you may not charge $30,000 a year for a gym membership. However, you can draw a few lessons from the most expensive gyms in the world. 

  • Member success is gym success, and therefore, investing in quality services is critical for running a successful gym.
  • Member care quality determines perceived value. Part of quality member care may include personalised training, nutrition plans, smart gym equipment, and branded gym apps for workout information and tracking.

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