EGYM Open Mode: The Most Important Questions Answered

Open Mode: The Most Important Questions Answered

What is the difference between the EGYM Curve and the EGYM Bar, and what does Open Mode mean for the EGYM Circuit? We answer the most critical questions about the new Open Mode for Smart Strength.

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Questions and Answers - for New Customers

    The EGYM Curve allows fitness beginners to perform exercises correctly and safely. At the same time, advanced and expert users can enjoy more freedom with the EGYM Bar and easily adjust repetitions, weights, or training methods. Both interfaces, therefore, offer the right amount of guidance, motivation, and freedom, adapted to the performance level of the exerciser. 

    Beginners select " Auto " to work out with the EGYM Curve in Open Mode on the entire fitness floor. On the other hand, Advanced exercisers click on "Individual" - and off they go, working out with the EGYM Bar, which uses specially developed, motivating live feedback to spur them on to ever new heights of performance.

    That depends entirely on the concept of your fitness or health facility. However, our concept consultants will be happy to help you find the right solution for you. You can contact them here for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Open Mode opens up utterly new deployment and additional monetisation opportunities for you as an operator. With the new guest mode, the EGYM ID, and EGYM+, you can replace conventional equipment with plug-in weights on the entire training area, saving you space because all your members benefit from a completely personalised workout perfectly tailored to them, despite different experience levels on the same piece of equipment. 

    At the same time, you're incentivising them to upgrade to a higher membership to enjoy Smart Strength's benefits. Learn more here and discover all the possibilities for your gym success with Smart Strength.

    Questions and Answers - for Existing Customers

      Existing customers receive software innovations like Open Mode for free on compatible Smart Strength machines. However, it is essential that you start with a free strategy meeting with one of our concept consultants. This session will ensure that the configuration you choose is optimal for your facility. So don't hesitate to contact your sales rep, who will be happy to assist you. 

      Smart Strength can be used either in Circuit Mode as a separate area or in Open Mode as a replacement for traditional plug-in weights across the entire fitness floor. Depending on the gym concept, a combination of both variants, Circuit and Open Mode, is also possible.

      In Circuit Mode, Smart Strength continues to be ideal for guided beginner training. Thanks to the synchronised equipment, all workouts are fast and effective, optimising the throughput and capacity of your club at peak times. On Circle Mode machines, only the beginner Workout Mode Auto is available.

      Smart Strength in Open Mode on the entire fitness floor is aimed primarily at advanced exercisers and experts. With "Individual," they can easily adjust repetitions, weights, or methods and enjoy the new live feedback via the EGYM Bar. In the new Guest Mode, users can work out without an EGYM ID (wristband or card), just like on traditional machines.

      With Open Mode, members without EGYM ID can now work out on Smart Strength just as efficiently as on traditional equipment - the new Guest Mode makes this possible. In Guest Mode, members work out with the EGYM Bar and the regular training method. This way, you give them a sneak preview of the workout with EGYM and, at the same time, can incentivise upgrading to a higher membership to get all the benefits of Smart Strength.

      The new Guest Mode allows you to get even more out of your entire fitness floor. Unlike Circle Mode, you no longer need a separate area, allowing you to target exercisers with different levels of experience, creating more opportunities for upselling existing members.

      Learn more about monetisation opportunities with Smart Strength here. 

      The EGYM Curve will remain and will not be replaced. The EGYM Curve and EGYM Bar are aimed at two different user groups: Fitness beginners and advanced exercisers. Beginners continue to work out safely and effectively with the EGYM Curve, while advanced and expert exercisers are motivated to even more progress with the new EGYM Bar. So you're enabling truly personalised workout experiences for your members instead of the same for everyone. 

      Starting in June, you'll find a campaign guide, including materials, on our Marketing Portal to help you introduce Open Mode to your facility. You'll find all that in this package containing everything to promote Open Mode, from social media posts and email templates to posters, flyers, and videos. Click here to go to the Marketing Portal. 

      Do you want to know more about Open Mode? Follow the button below to learn more.