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The Prime Fitness Club Lorsch team has used a wide variety of EGYM solutions since it opened around 5 years ago. The results speak for themselves: virtually all of their members use EGYM+ to work towards their personal training goals.

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“All our members work towards goals!”

The team from Prime Fitness Club Lorsch (PFC) has used a wide variety of EGYM solutions since it opened around 5 years ago. Almost since day one, EGYM+ has also been an integral part of the training philosophy at Prime Fitness Club Lorsch and is now firmly embedded in all processes. The EGYM Trainer App keeps the whole team up to date with the members’ needs and wishes, without any annoying paperwork or appointments. The results speak for themselves: virtually all of their members use EGYM+ to work towards their personal training goals.

Short profile: Prime Fitness Club Lorsch
The Prime Fitness Club in Lorsch certainly lives up to its name: it is a genuinely premium studio that feels like stepping into the future. PFC has digitalised all of its processes and therefore operates on the cutting edge of modern fitness!
Paper has become entirely superfluous in member support. Digital records of all progress are kept automatically to ensure measurable, visible success. Combined with family-friendly support, this creates a pleasant and motivational environment for profitable workouts. The average age of the gym members is 55+, and they are particularly delighted by the fully automatic training routines enabled by EGYM+!

Using EGYM products: EGYM Smart Strength, EGYM Smart Flex, EGYM+, EGYM Trainer, EGYM Branded Member App

An interview with Christian Peter (Head of Fitness)

The challenges

#1 Highly evidence-based approach, as customer success is the top priority
The PFC management team agreed from day one that they would only adopt a training strategy that builds on scientific insight and that takes the status quo, personal goals and day-to-day form of their members into account. We were particularly taken by methods like adaptive and isokinetic training as well:
“They provide immense value to our members and take their daily form into account, but simply cannot be visualised without EGYM+. At the same time, recurring strength tests provide continuous growth stimuli, so success is more or less guaranteed, as long as our members stick to the plan.

#2 “We want to invest time in our members, not just administration”
The management team at PFC is deeply concerned to look after their members and to create a personal and welcoming environment. A tiresome paper trail and unwieldy red tape would just get in the way. What the gym needed was a solution that enabled training data and schedules to be processed and checked quickly and easily. This was the only way to provide members with active and evidence-based support.

The solution

How can all that be done in the real world?
Customers approach our staff members brimming with pride and pointing to the proof of their progress”

Perfect training control with EGYM+ and the EGYM Trainer App: members start with the Classic option and complete around 8–12 weeks of basic muscle building and work on their cardiovascular systems. After the 8–12 weeks, the Task Chains feature of the Trainer App is used to create a personal consultation session and identify a personalised and targeted EGYM+ training program. This session can then be held without prior appointment when the member visits the studio. The personal EGYM+ training goal is selected at the same time. Christian and his team use this opportunity to show members their initial progress in regard to maximum strength, biological age and imbalances. This helps to boost motivation even more: “Customers come to us all the time and proudly show their progress”

‘Body analyses and vital checks’ are then carried out every 3–6 months, depending on the member’s goals and experience. They are also scheduled easily and without an appointment using the Task Chain feature of the EGYM Trainer App. The Controlling function makes certain that follow-up consulting sessions actually take place. During these meetings, Christian and his team proceed using a satisfaction scale, a pain scale and the question of personal target achievement. The training schedule can then be adjusted very easily using the Trainer App, depending on the results of these ‘body analyses and vital checks’.

How do you explain EGYM+ to your members?
“Creating a wow effect with EGYM”

We use the first tour of our gym with prospective members to explain the importance of muscles for health, smart strength and muscle length training and to show them the EGYM machines. It’s a great opportunity for them to try out the first few exercises as well:
“The wow effect you get with EGYM is all you need”, says a visibly delighted Christian.
Afterwards, the trainer explains how the new members can use the EGYM+ automated training programmes to specialise and focus on their individual goals. This not only helps to recruit new members, it also keeps them thrilled in the long term:
There is quite simply no better product available at the moment, as long as the trainer gets the benefits across!”.

The results

For the Prime Fitness Club Lorsch

  • All of the members work towards goals: “The perfectly implemented system ensures that every member trains effectively and in a targeted manner after building up their basic fitness with EGYM+”
  • Satisfied members remain loyal in the long term: “You can only build customer loyalty by attending to their deficits” and EGYM+ makes certain that workouts are perfectly tailored to personal goals.
  • "Work that is quite simply simple”“The way we used to work was completely different and is incomparable to what we do today. The old system was hard to manage, but now our work is ‘simply simple’. I can concentrate completely on our customers! You really need digital tools to work well with customers.”

For the Prime Fitness Club Lorsch’s members

“100% success if the trainer communicates well and the customer gets with the programme”

“Many customers train with us to improve their general well-being, or to prevent age-related muscle loss or sarcopenia. But others train after work to alleviate stress. EGYM and EGYM+ allow them to concentrate fully on their programme. They don’t even need to think and can simply work out! Nevertheless, the tools ensure that training is targeted and effective” , says Christian.

The PFC members – many of whom had been fairly idle for some time – have rediscovered their desire to engage in physical activity, their motivation to work towards goals and their drive to achieve a noticeable improvement in well-being. Christian adds some parting words:
“It’s not just about the progress you make in your training. Instead, the formula is benefits, success & well-being. Let’s not forget: our members visit the gym during their leisure time, so they will only keep coming if they enjoy the experience!”

The automated training programmes by EGYM+ support this process with their varied training methods, but also because they deliver results based on continuous growth stimuli. In the end, Christian states confidently, this leads to “100% success if the trainer communicates well and the customer gets with the programme.

Other experiences & endorsements

”There’s nothing that compares to working with EGYM solutions and EGYM+. We are absolutely delighted and would never return to another system!”