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Who we are.

We are the go-to team for our EGYMees and applicants. We are Talent Acquisition Partners, People Business Partners, and People Operations Managers working hand in hand to consult and support the organisation by establishing value-adding processes and initiatives in line with organisational requirements. Our Office Management Team in Munich and Berlin ensures that your employees and guests spend a great time in the office.



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What we do.

We aim to spread the word about EGYM and attract the best talents. Once they become EGYMees, we give them a warm welcome in our onboarding process. We embrace individual learning opportunities and support the growth of our EGYMees and the organisation. We inspire our open company culture through team events and office spaces where our employees feel welcomed.

Meet the team.

This is Miriam

"When I come into the office on Monday morning, I look forward to seeing my colleagues, everyone is in a good mood, there is a good atmosphere. Sounds unbelievable, but it's true."

Miriam - Head of Talent Acquisition

Get to know Nicole

"EGYM combines the professionalism of a corporation and the spirit of a start-up and that is what I like. The best thing about EGYM is the team spirit, we stick together and help each other."

Nicole - Senior Director People Management

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