Smart Strength For Beginners

EGYM Smart Strength offers beginners maximum support for every set and repetition.

Are You Ready? Go!

Choose your goal and start working out: EGYM makes effective, guided, and targeted strength workouts possible, regardless of your experience level!

Guided and Targeted Workouts

Maximum support for every workout, set, and repetition: With "Auto" and the EGYM Curve, beginners work out safely, correctly, and effectively. Simply select your goal, and off you go!

Maximum support during every workout, set and repetition.

Intelligent training programmes set all parameters such as repetitions, weight and training methods.

Automatic periodisation and recurring strength tests ensure effective workout stimuli and avoid plateaus.

The EGYM Curve: Correct exercise execution through supportive live feedback.

Motivating, intuitive progress visualisation via the EGYM BioAge.

The Ideal Start for Beginners

"Auto" for beginners, offers a workout experience tailored to them. "Auto" combines effective strength training with a high level of user guidance via the EGYM Curve.

Workout mode: Auto

With "Auto", your members simply select their personal training program - from Immunity Boost to Muscle Building - and our intelligent programs guide them safely to their goal with varied, effective workout stimuli, including automatic periodisation of our training methods and steady progression.

Promotes correct execution

The EGYM Curve enables beginners to perform exercises correctly. It helps them intuitively execute movements correctly. The curve's preview helps members anticipate the correct movement for optimal range of motion and time under tension and helps beginners build confidence in their abilities.

Makes workouts effective

Smart workout programs personalise your members' workouts to their goals. Different training methods are automatically combined and applied in sequence depending on the selected program. This way, your members work out in a scientifically ideal way from the very first session.

Select Your Goal and Start Working Out

The intelligent training programs guide members to their selected goals with varied and effective training stimuli. Weights, repetitions, and training methods are automatically adjusted for each session, and strength tests are performed regularly to ensure optimal training weight.


Immunity Boost


General Fitness


Weight Loss


Body Toning


Muscle Building




Rehab Fit


Metabolic Fit

How Beginners Work out Safely and Effectively

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