EGYM at FIBO 2024: Pushing new boundaries

Continuing our commitment to club growth and member success, EGYM set new benchmarks with the launch of two groundbreaking innovations, and impressed over 1,000 visitors at our most dynamic FIBO stand to date.

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FIBO is always the event highlight of the year for EGYM. This year, we pulled out all the stops and reached record-breaking success: Over 1,000 bookings, a sprawling 9,000 square foot stand, 85 EGYM and partner machines on display, and a team of more than 150 EGYMees. And, as always, plenty of strength challenges and good times.

Beginning a new era of fitness with EGYM Genius

We debuted EGYM Genius, our AI-powered software that revolutionises the fitness floor by connecting all equipment for a seamless, personalised workout experience that boosts member motivation and performance, offering tangible benefits for trainers and club owners.

“The best thing is that EGYM Genius covers all aspects: strength training, mobility, and cardio. It not only helps us to retain our members, but also to attract new customers…”

Mimi Kraus, former handball world champion, club owner, and EGYM Ambassador

demonstrating the EGYM Fitness Hub

Ready to take your gym to the next level?

Learn how Genius supports club growth, trainer efficiency, and member retention.

More on Genius

Launching the world’s first smart hip thrust machine

EGYM Hip Thrust, a new cutting-edge addition to our globally-acclaimed Smart Strength series, captured a lot of attention. As the world’s first fully electronic machine of its kind, the Hip Thrust integrates advanced fitness technology into one of today’s most popular exercises.

A focus on connected partners

EGYM's presence extended beyond our own stand. We were represented at 11 partner stands – including Life Fitness, Matrix, and Seca – showcasing our integration with over 200 of the world’s leading fitness brands.

Whether gym members are working out on EGYM equipment or integrated partner equipment, or using wearables, our open platform enables a fully connected workout experience. And this experience only gets better with Genius.

EGYM Hip Thrust in action

Capitalise on the lower strength body trend

Discover the benefits of the smart EGYM Hip Thrust.

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Fun with strength challenges

The energy at FIBO was electrifying, with strength challenges, live demos, and a sold out booth party.

Gameday, our popular battle on EGYM Smart Strength machines, was a highlight again this year. There was almost no competition for former handball world champion, club owner, and EGYM Ambassador Mimi Kraus. He moved 7,800 lbs on the Hip Thrust and an incredible 13,100 lbs on the Seated Row!